Biden’s Remorse

What is Biden’s Remorse?

it’s a lot like buyers remorse. Biden’s remorse is that same sinking feeling of “now that you own it, it isn’t that exciting after all.”

Biden comes off as someone trying to be a good leader, but it just seems so out of character because you have never really seen him as president. The forcefulness seems, well, forced. It seems he keeps telling us he’s going to do what Trump is already doing.

Mostly what he is doing is trying to look tough. His party looks like they need acknowledgement they haven’t made a mistake, and one wonders just how much hope and change, and building back better is really going to happen once Trump does leave office, leaving Biden with the keys.

The excitement is in the chase. It was fun to get the White House, but now that we actually have it, how much change can we really expect when the same players of the Deep-State are just assuming previous positions, lining up for their old gigs? Susan Rice even chimed in saying she would be ‘honored’ to serve in the new administration. I’m surprised Obama hasn’t offered to join the team, though I am sure Joe will be giving him a call from time to time.

I can see it now: Michelle saying, for the fourth time today, “Honey, Joe needs to talk to you.”

It literally is true, just like Pete Townshend wrote, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

The people who wanted Trump to lose were quite thrilled, though most were denied that satisfaction of truly winning because the Orange-now-Grey Man Bad hasn’t conceded, he hasn’t uttered those words like Fonzie from Happy Days couldn’t say “I love you.”

Look. We are probably stuck with Biden. It might not be the car we wanted the old man to buy us, but it works, it has four wheels and it drives. I mean, how much damage can Joe really do?

Famous last words, right?

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