The Red Pill

Let me state up front that I have zero credibility. I am not trained in economics nor do I hold any special science or psychology degrees. I have been in broadcasting and communications with some marketing for a few decades, so I know as much as anyone with an opinion.

Looking ahead to 2021 America can go two ways. Biden becomes president or Trump wins re-election. If Trump ends up winning there will be some massive violence in the beginning, but as humans are wont to do because we have short attention spands, we’ll move on and get used it.

Under a Biden win we face some serious economic hardship from all corners. The Stock market and hedge fund people, including large corporations will win big because big government will allow them to monopolize all industry, essentially shutting out small or “non-essential business.”

The consumer will be under lockdown, (both mentally and physically) and the cost will be fairly substantial. There will no doubt be a growth spurt in the poverty class, which makes up about 15-20% (poverty defined as someone who only has cable, a cell phone, microwave, big screen TV and makes under 16,000 a year).

The middle class will suffer the most throughout 2021 and ’22. higher taxes, more regulation, less jobs, etc, etc. It’s 2008 all over again. One wonders if the pandemic is really cover for what would have been eventually an economic bubble bursting. It was bound to happen, we just happen to get lucky and had a pandemic basically let the air out of the global balloon of excessively overvalued stock.

The Pandemic will find its vaccine, let’s hope Operation Warp Speed doesn’t turn us into flesh eating zombies, so eventually things will get back to not-so normal where we simply won’t care that politicians are dividing the world up into territories for dominance. China and America will agree to share Asia as long as China continues to keep prices artificially low through its slave labor and buys our soy. Europe and Russia are busy divvying up Africa – again, but this time through economic slavery. 

And as for the other medium sized countries who will eventually get some of the trickle down donor money from the IMF and World Bank, they will also continue to be third world countries for the foreseeable future.

In other words, things will go back to the way they were before 2016. In fact, we may one day collectively forget 2016 to 2019 as being some of the best years in American history if the media and the woke historians have their way. One day perhaps Trump and Coronavirus will be an interchangeable term, and people will start to believe that he actually started the coronavirus because that is what the history books tell us.

As for yours truly. I knew Trump couldn’t last. It was simply too good to be true: a non-politician doing what he said he would do to the very end, only to be shoved off the stage by the power elite who couldn’t stand the fact a non-politician could do the job better than they could. 

Trump exposed the naked truth that politicians really don’t give a shit about ‘the people,’ and that is the truth that no one needs a degree to determine. We saw it unfold for four years.

I know who the real enemy is now, and for that, I am grateful. Now we proceed knowing this fact. That is the red pill: knowing who the real enemy is.

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