What’s Driving COVID Numbers Will Shock You

The Following is a transcript of the Speaking Out Podcast.

The thought had crossed my mind over the last few days to do a little digging as to exactly why coronavirus cases are going up so dramatically around the world, and they’ve been doing so now for about six to eight weeks.

There was an article that ran across my desk and it had to do with PCR testing, you know, those nasal swabs that they use when they’re testing when you do the drive-through clinics. And Elon Musk said something a few days ago that was quite alarming, not so much that he said it, but the reaction of the media to discredit him almost immediately because he did say it. And he said, “I had four tests today, two came positive, two came back negative. These tests are unreliable.”

In recent medical journals outlining testing, it talks about this very issue. It has been concluded that swab-nasal tests are about 60-65% accurate at detecting coronavirus, 40% are not That means four out of six results can be a false positive or a false negative.

What’s happened is that the governmental health agencies have determined to lower the threshold of detectable coronavirus in your system;it has to do with cycles and how closely they look at the fluid in your nasal cavity for any detectable amount of, or trace of coronavirus.

Obviously human beings are infected with all kinds of viruses, many of which never do anything because we have such good immune systems. But in this case, they determined early on that, right at about 30 cycles they detect the novel coronavirus (nCov-Sars2), the new coronavirus, that’s when it starts to duplicate in the body and become problematic for the host. And that’s where you start to see the effects of COVID as it begins to replicate, or duplicate in the body, when the patient goes from asymptomatic to truly sick.

That’s also where people have to go get on respirators. They’re producing a lot of phlegm. They’re not breathing well, they’re having a respiratory infection.

My first assumption on explaining the rise of new cases was that perhaps people who had the flu thinking, “you know, just to be sure, just to be safe, let me go get tested for coronavirus.” And it turns out people were probably suffering from the flu, but testing also found detectable amounts of coronavirus in people that were being tested.

Add to this health experts started to lower the threshold (by increasing the cycle of testing from 30 to 45) looking for any detectable amount of coronavirus, which means they are also detecting more cases of people who have been exposed to coronavirus but are in no way a threat.

Think of the world that we’re creating for ourselves right now, because of our fear and the media pushing the fear of coronavirus, think of the implications that it’s having and how it’s going to destroy our planet more than the disease.

The 100 Degrees Law

Let’s say that it became a law where you couldn’t leave your home if you had a 100 degree temperature or higher; the law determined that if you have a one hundred degree temperature, you probably have a fever and you could probably give that fever to someone else. Let’s say in doing so we can determine that, in any given population of a million people, there are probably 500 people a day who might have a fever or a temperature above 100 degrees. It doesn’t mean they’re going to die. A portion of those people might get sicker depending on what’s causing the fever.

Over time health officials determined they need to lower the threshold of what we would consider to be a risk to 99 degrees to protect more people from getting infected so now it’s against the law to go out if you have a temperature of 99 degrees. More people fall under the new guidelines, cases rise.

Now you’ve got 2,500 on any given day that are symptomatic even though the only thing that’s changed is that medical officials have lowered the threshold of what they consider to be dangerous. Cases rise when they lower the threshold of who is considered sick.

Add to this media reporting a huge jump in fevers – without explaining why the numbers are rising (by lowered detection threshold), so now people are panicking and they’re thinking, “Oh my God, we have more people getting sick, it’s going to overwhelm the system, it’s lockdown time.” The political leaders and media tell people the only way to be safe is for everyone to shelter in place.

Then the NIH says let’s lower the detection threshold again to 98.7 degrees, just one 10th of a degree above what would be considered the normal body temperature, just to be extra cautious.

All of a sudden now the cases skyrocket to 35,000 per million.

You see where this is headed?

Because medical experts, in their over-abundance of caution, have determined that lowering the threshold of detectable coronavirus makes it safer (assuming they are preventing the spread) or easier to contain, we actually all feel less safe, because new rising cases are never explained.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is just like any other doctor. He’s the guy that says, “well, you know, maybe you ought to run a few tests” and he doesn’t care that those tests are going to cost you $30,000. We’d better get you in here for an MRI. Well, that MRI just costs you $5,000.

I one time said to a doctor, I said, “don’t you realize the economic impact of what you do and what you say?” And he said, “no, my job here is to make sure you’re healthy. I don’t care what it costs.”

And I think Dr. Fauci, and many people in the NIH and the CDC, don’t understand the economic harm that comes from an overabundance of caution.

When the CDC and other world health agencies lowered the threshold of detectable coronavirus in September in order to control spread and infection they inadvertently created panic on a global scale and gave license to every political ruler to enact laws that restrict human movement, all of this more destructive than the coronavirus itself.

We’ve all been put in a lockdown state (mentally and physically) through an over-abundance of caution that bears no resemblance to reality.

How many of those people are actually sick? The answer is between 1-2%. This has never changed, and therapy has also vastly improved.

Unlike COVID, there is no vaccine for fear, except truthful information.

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