Deception in the Name of Truth

“When my love swears that she is made of truth,
I do believe her, though I know she lies,
That she might think me some untutored youth,
Unlearnèd in the world’s false subtleties.”

– W, Shakespeare, Sonnet 138

When George Floyd was pinned down because he was intoxicated, the only thing that mattered was that we was the symbol of Black law-enforcement oppression. Regardless that the Minneapolis Police were following procedural guidelines when dealing with intoxicated suspects (who are caught trying to pass counterfeit bills); the facts didn’t matter, only the greater “truth” with a 7 minute video capturing every moment.

It also didn’t matter that George had served five years in a Texas federal prison for robbing a pregnant woman’s house with a gun pointed at her pregnant belly. 

Just like it didn’t matter that Michael Brown was assaulting a cop when he got shot and never said “hands up, don’t shoot,”; just like Eric Garner was not killed by white racist cops but by overzealous cops enforcing Bill De Blasio orders to stop people from reselling cigarettes, just like…just like…just like a presidential election being thrown with 20 million mail in ballots that will never be verified.

We live in an era where we are told the truth, to “follow the science” and yet we never do get all of the science or much of the truth; we get someone else’s version of the truth.

The truth is now being shaped by media.The narrative is being molded by forces that have figured out how to trick people into believing an untruth, which isn’t hard to do when you have a lower-than-average intelligent population with which to work.

My God, we believe there are over one hundred genders? What other species, if we were to follow the science, can make such claim? 

We believe that Black Lives Matter is true but All Lives Matter is offensive; we believe that a mask that can’t even block a fat cigarette smoke molecule can somehow block a coronavirus that is 10 times smaller in size. 

We believe that if people stay away from each other the virus will go away, and we believe our count of people who have been exposed to the coronavirus is accurate at 52 million, as if science has its finger on the pulse of the worlds’ sick.

Think about that. If the rate of infection of COVID-19 is 3 infections per 1 person, the math tells that by day 21 you would have 3.2 billion people already exposed to or with someone who has had coronavirus.

Current science tells us 52 million have been exposed to coronavirus at 11 months in. Simple math tells us more accurately the entire world population has been exposed, unless you live in a remote village in the outback or in some outpost in The Himalayas.

My point is counting rates of infections at this point is nothing more than a prop, a reminder, like the debt clock, that the problem isn’t going away. It’s an untruth to say “52 million infections” without qualifying the statement with the word cumulative, as in “since we started counting.”

We’re 11 months in and we think by keeping people apart, in lockdown, we are winning. Yet in places like Sweden, Florida and a great many parts of Asia, where there have been no lockdowns, cases of COVID are about the same in proportion, or even less. California has had more deaths than Florida (18,107 verse 17,301 as of 11/12/22, Source: CDC), yet Florida has been relatively open since September. 

If you follow the science, coronavirus maybe nothing more than a very nasty and sometimes fatal flu for people who are already sick, or who have compromised immune systems. That is truth.

But alas, this is not a world of facts, but a world of deferred judgement; we defer to the “experts” so that we have no personal responsibility if they happen to be wrong. 

Another example. Spaghetti models when forecasting hurricanes. Ever notice that you have so many paths when they project where a hurricane is headed? That is because each model is created by a human being with slightly different ideas on how to project paths based on the current climate conditions.

If climate science was accurate, there would be no spaghetti models, but because climate is tricky and because people don’t know everything most climate forecasts are off most of the time.

Following this example, if climate scientists cannot predict which way or how severe a hurricane is going to be three, four, or even five days out, how can climate scientists predict an accurate global climate forecast 10, 20, 30 or even 100 years in the future?

The answer is they can’t. Despite this fact, most people believe in the “consensus” and have no personal stake if they are wrong because, of course, it was the scientist (or the science) that got it wrong. 

There is only one truth, there is not “my truth,” “your truth,” or even “relative truth.”

Something is either true or it isn’t.

What is true is that man pollutes the planet with garbage and sooner or later this pollution will destroy our food production or cause us to be ill and die. If you live in a smoggy city you know that our smog creates lung cancer. Fact. To state that smog or carbon molecules can raise or lower the global temperature is not demonstrable in reality. A computer model fed the right data might make a projection, but it remains a theory until it can be proven over and over again. That is true science.

Another example of how truth has morphed into subjective truth.

It is a true statement that the human species has two distinct biological sexes. This is how species propagate. Nature made it this way so we could reproduce. That is truth, undeniable and provable. 

To suggest that a member of that species identifies as being the opposite sex can only indicate a mental perception that is subjective and separate from reality; we rationlize untruth so that it becomes our truth, and therefore, by virtue alone, the truth.

In other words illusion becomes reality.

That our modern science has made a billion-dollar industry out of modifying hormones is a fact, but it doesn’t validate multiple genders as possible, only that appearances can be so modified by injecting chemicals into our bodies and manipulate hormonal glands.

People can rationalize anything, and that is why there is no such thing as subjective truth; only lies rule the day because human beings are mostly driven by emotions, nothing more. We have replaced what is by what we want it to be, destructive in any society that hopes to evolve along an intelligent path.

Our collective ignorance will lead to our ultimate as a nation undoing if this trend is allowed to continue.

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