Because They Will Feel Protected

You could make the argument that America’s wealth should be shared by the entire world. After all, Americans came from all parts of the world. Each immigrant brought the experience, culture and courage of their homeland to this country, where freedom allowed these newly-arriving immigrants to exploit their talents to the fullest.

You can make that argument.

Or, if you take a different approach like me, you can also argue that America is being exploited by other nations because we have been so successful, and continue to be so because America is the land of perpetual plenty.

This is why the world is giddy at Joe Biden coming back in to the White House, along with the previous deep-State government that will pick up pretty much where they left off when Hillary didn’t win in 2016.

The world is giddy because they get to go back to ripping off our wealth at the expense of the middle class, and this time it will be punitive for allowing Trump to win the first time.

For starters, how much do you think Biden will commit to the Paris Climate Accord? Last time it was $500 billion dollars over five years. Maybe the new president, feeling the need of atonement, will double that amount so that the UN and IMF can be infused with new cash to go do more studies and “science” our way out of a natural ecosystem some guy with hockey sticks said we screwed up because we use electricity from fossil fuels, or something like that.

Then there’s a few hundred more million Iran may ask for to get them back to the table to bargain exactly when they can have a nuclear weapon. You see, Iran may hate us for being the Great Satan, but sure don’t hate our Benjamins.  

Then there’s NATO, hard hit by the pandemic, of course, so Uncle Joe will naturally help with more U.S. funding. Hell, I wouldn’t put it past Joe to simply cancel, by executive order, whatever reductions Trump made towards NATO payments. What’s a few billion among friends?

Then of course there is the $52 billion we are now paying 22 African Countries so despots can buy condos in Bermuda and along the Mediterranean in cities you and I have never heard of and probably couldn’t find on a map.

Then there are the thousands of new agencies that will be brought into existence to help curb systemic racism, along with companies who will be required to make sure employees undergo government-funded racial equality and sensitivity training. Who knows, by 2023, 1619 may become required reading everywhere.

And I am just getting started.

You see, I knew the gravy train that is America would continue after Trump was ousted, because the U.S. is like the one person in the family who does really, really well, while the other members who squander their resources continually nurse off of the breast of the U.S. Middle Class.

The world is ruled by gangsters. The Chairman is Joe.

We are the most economically rich country in the world, and have been since most of the 19th and 20th Century, and this is why we get our pockets picked. It’s probably why the Hunter Biden scandal was not covered by social media and the mainstream press. That shit goes on all of the time, and it illustrates just how corrupt our country really has become.

I believe the Democrats will get drunk on all of that wonderful access they now have once again. I also believe world leadership is completely corrupt at this point (perhaps even as it has always been). The people are fine, but our rulers are drunk on power, and this whole global experiment is a house of cards ready to collapse.

God help us.

To some extent the coronavirus is a great example of how a country, run by corrupted elite, failed to prevent the pandemic from occurring when they clearly had the ability to do so. It would be naive to assume this kind of event will not be repeated in the future.

Is it any wonder they, the media and the Democratic leadershi, told us to celebrate in the streets even before the final vote is tallied? They want us to feel victorious because they feel victorious, and they want us to buy into their dream.

But at the end of the day, months from now when the celebrations and salutations are over, when the nation has finally “healed” from the Trump trauma, the bill will come. It will come in the form of lockdowns, contact-tracers who invade your home, race and review boards who can shut down an organization or individual because they don’t like your politics or your religion, speech protectors, surveillance agencies, censorship protocols, racism against caucasians, and of course enhanced government watchdog agencies to make sure you comply.

And then you will realize that the real tyrant is your current government. 

Sadly, many Americas won’t care because they will feel protected.

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