A Republic of the Highest Integrity

I used to read an English edition of a Chinese newspaper and I came to realize that they, the Chinese government and the media they control, pretty much tell the people what they want them to think, which is that everything is okay. I thought about people, I thought about how it makes someone feel when they hear good news, that everything is going to be okay. It makes us feel good and we probably prefer it, even if it isn’t always true.

I think when people hear that the climate is going to destroy them and that if we just invest in renewables by handing over lots of money to people who think they know how to fix such things, this too, makes everyone feel better.

When we believe in the experts, we don’t have to take responsibility if the experts are wrong, or even if they are lying. We simply say, “well, that’s what they told us.”

Sometimes we like to feel better even when we know things are not true, such as in the case last week when Joe Biden was projected to win the presidency. People wanted so badly to hear the news they couldn’t help but to celebrate. The next day the Stock Market soared, a possible new vaccine was announced (there have, thus far, been three so-called vaccines announced as being “just around the corner”); we have leaders from all over the world being reported as congratulating Biden, and even China, Iran and the EU have extended warm congratulations. All of this in the face of the truth that Trump has not officially lost, nor has Biden officially won the election.

The people who want this to be true, and there are hundreds of millions of them, are pushing extremely hard to end the Trump presidency, even if it means forgetting about the fraud that needs to be investigated, or the real possibility, as we learned less than four weeks ago, that Joe Biden may have entertained illegal dealings with both the Chinese, the Russians and Ukraine, dealings that would compromise any world leader.

Except for these pesky little issues, and in addition to the fact that Joe is still frail Joe, and Kamala, the first-term Senator, is still mostly disliked by the vast majority of Americans, aside from all of these minor points, people like the good news that Trump is not their president, even if it still isn’t true. 

For all of the reasons I felt uneasy about a Joe Biden win, those reasons still exist. The older order when America was the world’s limitless ATM of cash is about to be reinstated.

We know this because Trump exposed it.

What surprised me is the fact that over 70 million people voted for Trump, more than did vote for Obama in 2016, and with the highest number of African American and Latino votes of any Republican president since 1951. Trump won Ohio, Florida, Taxes, what appears to be North Carolina, and most of the southern, as well as midwestern States. Trump also outperformed every national poll, which means the polls were either rigged, fake or both. And despite all of these achievements, he was defeated by a visibly weak candidate.

All of this tells me that a whole lot of people, once they realize the news isn’t good, are going to shatter into pieces. The relief that is sweeping over the face of the earth right now that is lifting the hearts of Trump haters everywhere will crash asunder if the Supreme Court, after hearing the evidence determines that there was massive voter fraud and that Trump legally won the electoral count.

At some point we, as Americans, will have to make a real decision. We either allow Biden to take over knowing full well that he cheated, just to keep the peace. Or we follow the science and recount ballots where there is suspicion so that we know the truth of the vote, and proceed therein. Only then, can we proceed as a true Republic of the highest integrity

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