Now We Do Have a Reason to Revolt

There is a Real Reason to Get Angry

I wouldn’t have been okay with Biden winning the race, but I would have accepted it. Now I can’t because I know it wasn’t fairly won. It is being stolen. And the people who are stealing it are doing it because they believe their hatred of Donald Trump justifies their behavior.

People being what they are always feel they are justified in their bad behavior IF they feel they are doing something for the right reason. In many people’s minds they believe Trump was dangerous to their country, so cheating to make sure he didn’t get re-elected was the only moral thing to do, according to them.

The arrogance. The media, the Democratic leadership, the Democratic voters who swallowed every lie the media and their political leaders told them for four years have turned people into moral cheaters, and when you have moral cheaters you have a nation that is no longer moral, no longer the beacon on the hill. We have become just like every other country.

Don’t misunderstand me. If any current president was losing because massive voter fraud was being conducted, people would have a reason to revolt. It’s called stealing an election, and this is exactly what has happened. It was planned, in fact, when the first call for mail-in ballots was being pushed because of Coronavirus fears. People who probably had not made up their decision yet were being told to vote by mail, and they did. So millions of ballots were mailed out to any address on record. This makes it nearly impossible to verify up to 20 million votes. Then, days before the election, the same people telling people to vote by mail, were now being told it was safe to vote in person.


Because this insured that certain motivated, well-meaning Democrats could vote more than once. And they did.

We know, for example, that a dump of 138,000 votes appearing in the middle of the night in Wisconsin, throwing the race to Biden. People in Wisconsin, with Madison as ground zero, could never accept a second Trump term, and so the right connections and necessary payoffs where made. Is that not possible?

In Detroit, the counting was concealed and the large gains Trump had early on slowly vanished. Curious. No one can really verify all of those mail-in ballots.

In many States across the country, and with the decision to allow mail-in voting (not absentee), dead people, people who moved, pets, people who already voted, all were probably were mailed extra ballots – which anyone could fill out, especially democratic postal workers who love their jobs and/or hate Trump.

Don’t forget about the sharpies in Arizona and Colorado to compromise who knows how many ballots that will never get counted, North Carolina delays, Pennsylvania delays, all which only show a conspiracy more than inefficiency, all because suffrage in the U.S has been compromised by people who think cheating for moral reasons isn’t really cheating.

What is also means is that the United States will never really see an honest election again.

I use the analogy of Christ on the cross, when Jesus said to God, “forgive them father for they know not what they do.”

A metaphor.

They were the people who yelled “Crucify him!” in the courtyard at the behest of the Sanhedrin, who couldn’t take Jesus’ growing popularity (which challenged their authority).

Some religious scholars believe many of the same people who were enjoying the baskets of fish at the “feeding of the five thousand” may also have been in courtyard during Jesus trial and judgement from Pontius Pilate. Pilate saw no crime, but the Sanhedrin, the Jewish religious leaders (i.e., “the establishment”) persuaded the people to hate Jesus for breaking decorum by daring to declare anyone could enjoy the kingdom, declaring God was for everyone. “How dare this simple man tell people they don’t need earthly rulers to have a blessed life,” said the angry leaders, “how dare he tell them they don’t need us!”

Does any of this sound familiar?

If the Democrats win, and if they cheated to win, it will mean we are no longer a true Republic. The people who cheated in this race have betrayed every other American for their own selfish gains. The probably beside being a military traitor, cheating a vote is about the most un-American thing you can do. It’s the only thing that separates us from becoming a banana republic, a term you have heard a lot these days.

Trump isn’t Christ, of course, but he did challenge the Deep State (i.e., “the establishment authority” who rule over the people), and he did “feed the people” through smart economic policy where citizens had more control over their own prosperity. Trump also brought prosperity – even to his enemies. Millions benefited from low unemployment and massive domestic growth (the baskets of fish), but many of the recipients of a good economy were also turned against Orange Bad Man and were made to believe Trump was a tyrant, a bigot, a racist.

Many might have rightly felt his personality and style to be objectionable, the ballot box was the perfect place to express that displeasure.

But once you voted twice, or threw away ballots, or stuffed ballots, or made it possible to modify peoples vote, you took sacrificed Americas integrity for your own benefit, even if you felt you were “saving the country” on their behalf.

Trump, exposed the current leadership was working against the people, fleecing them (with unfair trade deals), forcing them to pay homage to them for the price of living a decent life (high taxes and regulations).

It cannot be forgotten that since the beginning of the Trump presidency, the gatekeepers of power have fought hard to bring down a duly-elected president, even to the point of stalling an economy and making people suffer so they would be angry enough not to vote for him. When that didn’t work, they just resorted to making as easy as possible to cheat.

Now the bad news.

You can bet that misleading the public is probably what is driving the steep rise in COVID cases. Ask yourself, couldn’t health data be changed to drive up new coronavirus case numbers to scare the population?

Sure it could, and it is already creating soft tyranny in the U.S. which will lead to more lockdowns, thereby destroying millions of additional lives through economic hardship (for a virus that has fatality rate between .01% and .025%).

The only way you can get the public to agree to lockdowns is through fear, by convincing enough people in society, through incomplete data, that being in lockdown keeps them safe; which is why actual fatalities are never disclosed; why the word “infection” is used when new cases are counted (you have to have symptoms to truly be sick, which most do not), all designed to instill more fear. It’s why news stories always shame those who don’t wear masks.

All of this fear through misleading or doctored information is to achieve a certain desired outcome, which is to control the population as much as possible and decentralizing power into the hands of the few.

Before long we may all agree that now we do have a good reason to revolt.

-Jim Watkins

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