The Black Wave

Trump Got The Black Vote – And For Good Reason

It wasn’t enough Kanye West had to jump in the race only to be ridiculed by his fellow progressives who disdain his love for the Lord, and then the Biden “You Ain’t Black” comment, followed by the Chelsea Handler directive against her former boy-love that was directed at every other Black male, followed by insulting comment after degrading insult to every black male in the country that I believe Blacks said YES to Trump everywhere.

Maxine Waters, arguable one of the most corrupt Congresspersons to occupy Congress (have you seen her district lately?) dealt the final condescending blow with her “I will never forgive my Black fellows” comment on the eve before the grand national presidential election.

Tennessee went Red.

North Carolina went Red

South Carolina went Red

Alabama went Red

Mississippi went Red

Texas went Red

Florida went Red

These are States with a larger Black voter base and especially are most of these States usually Blue. Obama won all of them in 2012.We don’t have the breakdowns yet, but if Candace Owens is right, we are looking at a 20% or more endorsement from the Black vote for a Republican, the first time this has happened in who knows how long.

That is significant. It means Black Americans are also pushing back against the Progressive State; they are pushing back against continual paternalism, feel-good programs that leave cities like Baltimore and South Chicago in continuous blight. It means Black America and Trump both realized a better America is one where Americans come first, not the ideals of global elite, not Silicon Valley wokeism, not European Socialism.

Trump, through his policies, lifted the curtain back and showed everyone, including Black American’s, that when government gets out of your life, you do better.

So you see, with the help of more than an enough influential Black conservatives thought leaders who are now speaking out, and with the help of a very condescending democratic party, when they took an honest look at exactly what Trump did for them, the Black community they realized that it was Trump, and not Biden) or the Democrats), who best served their interests.

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