Letter To My Family

I just want all of you to know that if Biden wins tonight and Trump goes away, that this makes you a happy person.

I don’t hate Trump, as you know, but I hate the fact that you might think less of me because I don’t share in your hatred. So for me, I care more about my family than I do about who sits in the White House. I want you to be free of your hatred so that we can all heal, whatever that means.

If Biden does win and our country falls apart so thereafter, I will have the pleasure of rubbing it your face for the next four years; and when Kamala Harris takes over and it gets even worse, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

You see, the world is really run by gangsters; each country is a tribe, and if our country has weak leadership, these other gangster countries are going to take our shit, just as they did when Obama was in office, Mr. Nice Guy, the charmer. While he was busy smiling and being cool with the other world leaders, they were busy stealing his money and credit cards behind his back. And Obama didn’t mind because he felt like the U.S. sort of deserved it.

Well, if Biden wins you deserve what you get, and the first thing you are going to get is a nose dive on your 401k, followed up with worsening medical and social services, higher taxes, more surveillance, less confidence, less social services for the poor, more poverty, more rules, more restrictions and more restriction of movement – all to ensure “safety.”

Welcome to the future.

Now, can we all just get along and pass me the tofu turkey and kale.

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