How The Media Taught Us To Hate

I think it is starting to dawn on the Democrats, after a weekend of watching Trump with his non-stop rally’s, that they are going to lose the presidency to Donald Trump for four more years. And they are now getting very angry.

Can you imagine how hard it must be for someone who has been trained continuously for four years or more to hate Trump, to be now faced with an unsettling reality that they are going to have to endure four more years of him?

And I blame the mainstream media for doing this to people. They have, for the better part of his entire presidency, focused every ounce of rage they could muster and poured it all into Orange Bad Man. Trump is the Orwellian Immanuel Goldstein; the face of Trump has been seared into every liberal progressive’s skull, a hot branding iron of emotional hysteria has been injected into the consciousness of every MSNBC and CNN viewer to the point where even thinking about Trump makes them enraged.

What we have witnessed is the total inculcation of hate being spoon fed to tens of millions of people, where they are now so blinded to their own rage they can’t wait to release this hate upon the world; these victims of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) are now willing soldiers to the Left, who you can be assured will use this rage to spark political (and literal) fires all over this country in retribution to the silent majority who refused to hand power over to them.

This will be as close we will be come to a second U.S. Civil War; the sides are evenly drawn, the battle between the farmer and the city dweller, between the banker and the street vendor, between the rich elite and the proud conservative, between the globalist and the nationalist, between the straight and the queer, black and white, rich and poor. Is there any demarcation remaining? Everyone has been convinced this is the ultimate battle, and America is the ultimate battleground.

Even the world watches. Lovers of freedom pray, while lovers of tyranny prey. Amidst a pandemic the world watches the people of this country and what happens when the next, and crucial page of history is turned.

Indeed the next thousand years could be determined in the next 48 hours. Will the future of man be of tyranny (being ruled by the few), or of freedom, where the individual reigns supreme. Believe it or not, this is what is at the root of everything else. Trump represents, ironically, Freedom. Biden represents The State taking control. 

Four years ago many thought Trump would be a tyrant or completely reckless. Had he been either, he would hardly be re-electable this time around.

Surprisingly Trump, did NOT become a tyrant, nor was he reckless despite having enemies coming at him from every corner. Trump, unlike almost every other politician, actually did what he promised to everyone’s surprise AND the economy boomed.

Trump merely proved that the right balance of policies and reduced tax rates would bring jobs back to the U.S., and jobs are central to everything else; a person’s esteem, the economy, even to the underprivileged who depend on social services. When tax revenues are high more services can be provided to those who need special aid. When people are working, crime goes down, families prosper and even other countries who do business with us, benefit.

Trump knew this and history will show he was right. This is why you see 90-mile Trump parades, 10,000-seat stadiums packed with flag-waving patriots, and lines as far as the eye can see of those who want to see the president speak.

It is clear to his supporters and to everyone who is honest in observing the phenomena, that expectations were exceeded, and then some.

And Trump accomplished all of this by putting America first, recalibrating trade deals and drawing a line with China, our largest and most formidable adversary. 

The fact that more people are not angry at China because of its mishandling of the Coronavirus illustrates how the CCP influences American Media. The CCP leverages its massive market economy (which is four times greater than the U.S.). Consequently, you will most likely not see ABC, NBC, CBS or CNN ever truly investigate China for its reckless behavior, despite the fact that it was they who caused this pandemic.

In the end, though, what this fork in the road of civilization comes down to are two questions:

Do we want America to move towards soft tyranny, where we continue to become a more socialist country, starting with a national lockdown, mandates and increased taxes that will undercut prosperity, as Biden promised to do in order to stop the pandemic (which will not work but will cripple the world economy)?

Or, as Trump has laid out in his vision, to remain vigilant in fighting the coronavirus while we open our country and bring the economy back so that Americans can continue to prosper?

What four years has exposed (to many who were paying attention) is the Deep States’ intent to subvert and control the U.S. government in spite of what Americans want. We saw this by the way the Department of Justice, along with members of the Executive branch – and members of the media – conspired to unseat a duly elected president

Sadly, a reasonable person would make the obvious right choice if they love freedom more than they hate Trump. Hate causes people to be blind to the truth, and that is exactly where the Left wants you to be.

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