Is This a Proud Moment for Black America?

Is it me or do I see mostly black people looting?

What do African Americans, sitting at home and watching TV, feel about seeing fellow African American’s looting and being destructive, as we saw on full display in Philadelphia last night?

Do they feel it is deserved? 

Is looting retribution for past sins? 

Are the grievances caused by yet another Black man being killed by cops (this time a man with a knife charging at police) justifying, not by protests, but by pillaging and taking from others in the name of social justice, the correct course?

As a White man, I see black men looting because they are using the death of a fellow black man in order to justify their own bad behavior. And my perspective has nothing to do with me being white. It has to do with me understanding what is right and wrong, as we all do. People, any people, who use the tragedy of another person in order to justify one’s own bad behavior, is an opportunist. No moral person would disagree with that assessment.

Moreover, it does not make the case for African Americans who truly desire justice, to have their fellows using the opportunity of another person being killed as a justification for becoming a thief. 

In the United States we have due process. This allows every single American access to justice. 

It is a sign of true progress that we utilize due process, but in most countries this is not the case. There is no such thing as due process in 80% of all countries in the world today. Think for a moment about what that means.

Due process means the cops who shot the suspect will not get off Scott-free. We have Grand Juries, attorneys, judges, a jury of peers, and oversight to ensure every single person who lives and breathes in this country has access to being able to face their accusers, or to make sure justice is served by the ability to defend themselves with the truth. It is not a perfect system, but it is the best one we have on the planet at the present time.

But due process requires patience. 

Mob justice cannot co-exist with due process. Mob rule is the antithesis to due process and to the rule of law, which requires an honest appraisal of events. For that is the sign of truly progressive society. 

What we witness coming from the Social Justice movement today, as exemplified by the Philadelphia riots a mere few days before a presidential election, is not due process when people are burning down building and stealing that which is not theirs. And to the onlookers, it absolutely makes people feel less sympathetic, and not more, to the cause of making sure due process is afforded to everyone.

Shame is upon those who think they are doing good by stealing a big screen TV in the name of social justice while being exposed by the very social media that supports their cause.

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