Why Do You Hate Us?

Why do you hate Conservative America?

Is it because we believe in a higher power that tells us life matters beyond the material world?; that Communism/Socialism/Marxism kills the human spirit?

Is it because we hope that one day no child will have to be aborted simply because two people couldn’t be responsible enough to prevent an unwanted pregnancy?

Is it because we believe that men and women were created to serve one another to make their home – and the world – a better place?

Is it because we believe that morality, ethics and faith are the cornerstone of good living?

Is it because we know we are not supposed to judge without mercy because we know all people are imperfect?

Is it because we are proud of our ancestors’ ability to work hard so that we could all have a better life?

Is it because we love the fact that America is a place where you can be from anywhere and succeed if you really try, and it doesn’t matter what you believe or don’t believe, who you pray to or don’t? Plurality is precious because it allows everyone to find their own path to a good life.

Is it because we believe in law and order, and no matter what color your skin is, we all want law and order and to be treated fairly?

Is it because your ancestors were enslaved by many different nations until the Industrial Revolution could finally replace human labor with machines, thus ending this horrible chapter in human history?

Is it because we believe that everyone is entitled to free speech and a free exchange of ideas, especially for speech that offends us? Without it, there would never be true discourse.

Is it because we believe human beings have free will and the right to self-determination; government should never rule over men in a truly enlightened society?

If you truly hate us for all of these things that we hold dear, then imagine a world without all of these things and you will appreciate that more than three-quarters of the human population alive today,live in tyranny. We, America, are the exception.

What are you fighting for?

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