Why I Voted Today

I originally was not going to vote for Trump. I voted for him the last time and even though I really like his policies and the many, many things that he accomplished, far too many people in my family are not talking to each other, or me, and I just decided that I won’t vote for him and so I can’t be accused of supporting Lucifer.

Of course I don’t think Trump is Lucifer, but Rachel Maddoux and Leslie Stahl do, and since they must be smarter than me I just have to take it at their word that Trump is evil and shouldn’t be the president anymore.

And so I waited to fill out my ballot until this morning.

What changed?

The debate. 

Donald Trump proved to me last night that he deserved one more chance, another four years. Joe Biden convinced me that he is tired, and probably humiliated that he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. When Joe looked down at his watch it wasn’t because he needed to be somewhere, but rather, because he would rather be anywhere else but there on that stage.

If you had the sound down and did not know either gentlemen you would know just by looking at the screen who was in charge, and it wasn’t Joe Biden. Trump laid his blows evenly, throwing Joe off his guard at least three times (clue: when Joe says “cmon,” it’s because he can’t prove his point). 

But Trump also wasn’t going for the jugular, he was taking sharp shots at the right moment (“You owe the American people and explanation, Joe”). It became apparent about 2/3rds in, Joe’s sentences were getting longer and made less sense. I think it was also good that Kristen Welker did not use her seat to lecture or otherwise tag-team the DNC against Trump. In fact, at one point Trump, to his credit, actually complimented Kristen during the debate for “doing a good job.”

So today we all know that Trump scored a decisive victory. Now all that is needed is a peace deal, a stimulus package and a great Jobs report the Friday before Election Tuesday.

Even at this point it would be very hard for me to see Trump not winning unless someone shows up the pee tapes, and my sources tell me Adam Schiff is still trying to find them.

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