California Is Now America’s First Failed State

California is a cancer that is growing and infecting the rest of the United States.

The leadership of this once beautiful and prosperous State continues to mandate policy after policy which undermines the people as well as the small business owner, and forces an unbearable financial burden upon the federal government.

Already $54 billion dollars in debt prior to the pandemic, and with stifling regulations and un-scientifically-based environmental laws, California is now a bankrupt and broken system where 10 million people in the State now live at or below poverty levels. Nearly 1 in 7 Californians are at risk for being homeless or living at or below the poverty level in California, according the U.S. Department of Labor.

Time after time California leadership, through ignorance, negligence or both has created conditions that have resulted in its slow erosion, such as, but not limited to:

1) The lack of proper deforestation policies that have led to massive and costly wildfires, and now, has resulted in “rolling blackouts,” because the State has moth-balled fossil-fuel energy production, instead using insufficient renewable energy resources that cannot keep up with demand, legislated through the belief in questionable science.

2) The lack of proper law enforcement through the unlawful creation of “sanctuary cities” which have put law-abiding citizens at risk by providing protection to criminals who have illegally entered the United States. Most recently, the State has put even more people at risk by reducing funding of law enforcement.

3) The unreasonable taxation of citizens through excessive fuel mandates and fees, multiple energy regulation fees and massive bureaucratic red tape that has made it nearly impossible for any individual or small business owner to survive and make a liveable wage.

4) Strict growth regulations coupled with unfair tax policies that put the burden on new homeowners, and have put a lid on new development, driving rental and home prices to almost unbearable levels ( the average price for a 1 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles is over $2,000 per month), and in turn, has…

5) prompted a continual rise of homelessness throughout the State (1 out of 2 homeless people in the United States now live in California), which in turn, has created an even heavier burden on taxpayers who must now subsidize hundreds of social programs that serve the homeless, including – but not limited to – drug and mental health care, food and shelter.

6) Promotion of sex-trafficking. The State recently lowered its standards on what it considers unlawful predatory behavior for adults who engage in sexual acts with teenagers as young as 14 as long as the teenager consents. This will surely draw more pedophilia activity to California, putting young people in the State at greater jeopardy. Sex-trafficking is already a major criminal activity in the United States; California just made it immensely worse.

7) State leadership has created a monopolistic and “toxic” political environment which has produced conditions whereas one political party dominates and directly influences most policy decisions in the State. No State can truly represent its citizens fairly when you only have one ruling party in perpetuity running the State legislature.

8) It’s embrace of the Belt and Road Initiative with the China Communist Party. In 2018, the Secretary of State of California invited a delegation from China to discuss opening economic partnerships with the People’s Republic of China, which poses a national security risk because the CCP is known for using the BRI as a way of using extortion to force countries or states like California into further bankruptcy.

9) It’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. All of the above is exacerbated by the policies of lengthy lockdowns and restrictive rules that are destroying the economy beyond repair. Leaders continue to ignore new CDC and NIH guidelines which show it is now more harmful to continue lockdowns because of poverty and health issues that have resulted from the stringent lockdown measures. The Governor of California continues to operate his state without regard and for purely political reasons, even asking the federal government to provide unlimited financial aid, rather than allowing businesses to reopen which would restore some semblance and create some tax base to the States’ crumbling economy.

10) There are also ballooning pension payments in the hundreds of millions of dollars that will continue to drain the States’ treasury for decades to come, coupled with a deteriorating freeway and highway system that needs repair, inner-city building projects that need reconstruction, and hospitals that are being stretched to the limit of their resources, sucking the life out of the California economy by the day.

California is a failed State because of misguided leadership over a forty-year period, and is now evolving towards what one might consider a “third-world country” environment, with the exception of certain coastal communities that are supported by a strong tax base (taxes paid by the wealthy who own valuable property).

In addition, the entire State remains in virtual lockdown when the average daily fatality rate, as of October 22, 2020 from COVID is now under 50 people per day. This example perfectly illustrates the exhibition of poor leadership currently in control of the 3rd largest State in the Union. How can you lock down a State of 45 million people when only 50 people a day are dying?

For these reasons and many more, I believe poor leadership in California not only poses a clear and present danger to its own citizens, but to the entirety of the United States.

It is quite reasonable at this time to consider that California could face an intense economic collapse. The question remains on how the rest of the country chooses to intervene now, or later, in order to apply pressure to the government of California to correct its missteps before such collapse occurs.

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