The Real Manchurian Candidate

Even if you hate Trump with every fiber of your body, you still have to be terrified at what might be transpiring right before our eyes.

As yourself why, allegedly, Hunter Biden would keep hundreds of illicit images of himself having salacious sex (that allegedly included young girls), snorting cocaine off of rear ends, on his laptop. Do you think Hunter wanted to capture the moments? 


Those were extortion photos courtesy of our favorite dictator government the Chinese Communist Party. Those were reminders that “if you don’t earn all of that money we are giving you and “the big guy” we have these – always.

You see, this is what The CCP does, they lie, they cheat, they do whatever it takes to destroy their competition. As Sun Tzu once quipped, to defeat your enemy let them use their own energy to destroy themselves, find their weakness and exploit it.

Joe Biden’s weakness is he likes power. It started probably because his father was just a “normal average guy,” who probably didn’t amount to very much, at least in Joe’s eyes, and ‘little Joey’ learned early to charm his way into every situation to make up for the fact that we was probably a little average himself. Charm is a gift and it can get you places if you say the right words, and use that million- dollar smile.

Joe’s other weakness is he likes being liked. To Biden, the charm offensive is a good way to get invited to places, a lot of parties. Doing favors for people means you have power. And being Vice President means you can do a lot of people a ton of favors, so why not make a few bucks on the side? That was probably Joe’s dad speaking in his head. The apple never falls far from the tree.

Hunter is a story of tragedy. He loses his mother and sister in a horrible car crash (that who, knows, may have been something he blamed himself for, without getting to pop-psy on you). Then Hunter loses his brother, the successful one, the one Dad always bragged about. Hunter was a good kid too, but like dad, the only talent he had was charm. And his charm, coupled with his dad’s power, open doors for him, too many, it seems.

Somebody once said the problem with drugs is that you wake up one day and realize you have no control. That might have occurred to Hunter as he was using all of that unearned wealth to make his real problems of insecurity, or perhaps guilt, go away.

Or maybe it was no guilt at all, and it was all a protest to his father for not paying enough attention to little Hunter. Someone on Twitter says Hunter probably left that laptop on purpose to say “fuck you,” to Dad. Perhaps it was motivated by a sense of guilt after all, or maybe Hunter was crying for help.

But let me draw out one more conclusion that should concern everyone.

Hunter Biden is typical, but Joe Biden was once VP and is now wanting to be President – even though he has clearly been compromised by the CCP.

According to the polls, Biden is 10-12% point ahead to win the election in 8 days.

Biden’s son had hundreds of extremely pictures on his laptop. Were they his, or did someone send them? How many pictures do the CCP have on Joe Biden? How many pictures does the CCP have on anyone in a position of power? 

And my last question. If Biden wins, will we have a true Manchurian Candidate now as our duly elected President? And if so, do you really think The U.S. will investigate this matter when the only outcome would be the removal of a sitting U.S. President?

I believe they call that Checkmate.

Tik-Tok, Tik-Tok.

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