Why Are We Being Lied To?

If we live in a supposedly free country where we have this great freedom of the press, why then did all the major news media on Monday completely ignore the W.H.O’s declaration that COVID lockdowns are wrong and should be ended because the lives of 130 million people are now at risk from economic hardship?

Why did all the major news outlets ignore the Barrington Report, a report issued by over 7,000 world scientists declaring lockdowns are not only not necessary, but extremely harmful if they are not ended soon?

Why did our free press ignore the news that masks might actually make it easier to get COVID?

Even if the study isn’t peer-reviewed it still contains useful information to help keep the public informed.

Why did major social media outlets like YouTube and Twitter censor or block the Barrington Report under the guise of “preventing the spreading of misinformation,” when the scientists who signed the BR know more about the science of COVID than the people who work at social media?

Why did all the major news outlooks ignore the Barrington Report?

Why does the media promote the falsehood that testing positive for coronavirus means you have COVID? If you are not sick, you do not have COVID.

COVID comes from an increased viral load of the coronavirus and starts when your body goes into overload trying to fight it.

Why is the media, the Democratic leadership in New York, California, Michigan, Kentucky and elsewhere purposely ruining the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of Americans because they refuse to follow the science?

Could the Pandemic really be just political?

If it is, shame on all of those people who call themselves leaders. Sooner or later, the people will realize they were lied to, and then there will be a day of reckoning.

This is not China; we do not submit or forget. This is why I believe November 3rd will be a wake up call to the people who have misled us.

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