The Fork in The Road: Freedom or Tyranny

Have you ever heard of that bridge in China where people go to commit suicide? I think it goes over the Yangtze river, not sure what Province or city, but what struck me about the show that I saw was the despair of the Chinese people. 

They have a term in China that means, “it is what it is”, apathy, nothing will change.

That is what socialism is. It’s the leveling of the societal field so that every gets equal portions, determined by the State. It’s a nice idea to think every single person can have sweet luxury, and maybe one day we’ll get there, but a society’s obligation is to make sure people are free to make their own choices and enjoy the fruits of their own labor and self-determination, not regulated to the point where the government approves everything, which is what is happening in places like California and New York. It’s what happened in China. A few million do well, but the rest are in permanent poverty, slightly better than our poorest in the United States.

It was never meant to be that one person like Cuomo, Newsom or De Blasio can, by decree, effect a society’s ability to move, and they do this by force. Ironically, the same force they wish to restrict for you while not upholding the law against rioters who scream injustice.

Now it seems, the ones who are really the criminal are the ones who have broken no laws, but are merely the victim of a disease that kills 1 out of 1 thousand people and is nowhere feared to be as bad as we originally thought three months ago.

A consortium of over seven thousand doctors, meeting in secret for fear of being ostracized, have determined that the lockdowns are killing people more than the virus. People are not getting exercise, there is massive depression, plus, the really poor don’t have work because places like restaurants and stores, who usually hire the most lower and medium wage workers, can’t work because State leaders are keeping businesses closed.

There is also less tax revenue, which means social services will have to be cut at a time when more people will be needing them; again, draconian laws that prevent us from enjoying the very liberty of making a living.

It’s crazy, and the scientists are saying ‘stop scaring people,’ focus on the vulnerable, and everyone else get back to work, get back to school, get back to life.

But instead, political leaders and progressive big government types want to keep people fearful along with a very compliant and often times over-the-top media there to keep the emotions running high in order to maintain fear.

We are killing not only the spirit of America, but its ability to remain strong economically, and the worse it gets. The more we lose the more despondent we will become, and this is what socialism always does. It takes from the many, to give to the few all in the name of the “greater good” – as determined by government.  

People like Biden, AOC, Harris and Sanders tell you they will take care of you and make sure you get your medicine and your food; tell you they will make sure you get free (government) schools which must now be compliant to regulations since it is funded by the people, so you can continue learning about all of the new social norms that have replaced tradition.

These promoters of the illusive social democracy say they will comfort you with good news about how income inequality is being fixed; how our schools are teaching our young how to be more ‘inclusive’ and more sensitive to the dangers of white privilege; laws will be made to make sure our movies and books include diversity, so as to make sure everyone in society is treated fairly; and that our speech has been regulated so that hate isn’t allowed to fester and create fear; and that our thoughts have been purified so that we no longer promote racist ideas like status and gender inequality.

And that all of this comes at the price of complacency.

And so now the metaphor, wearing the mask. Complacency.

Everyday you lose a little more liberty. Today it’s the mask or you don’t go into a store, or a gas station, or a school, or a library.

When your kids are indoctrinated to accept questionable social norms (like all white people are racists), your children don’t trust you, and if you complain, the government social workers might question your ability to parent; If you utter something “racist” at night in the comfort of your own home, will you be reported for hate-thought? Will you be required to attend sensitivity training if you slight a co-worker?

When your favorite theatre is closed, you lose your ability to enjoy leisure because of an unsound law, or, if its your business, you lose you livielihod; when you get censored from social media because of an idea or a comment that “hurts someone’s feelings” you are denied equal access because of a thought; when you are fired because you tweeted a sexist or racist comment, your reputation (and those of whom you support) is destroyed because of public shaming; when your home is robbed or burned down by protestors your safety is at risk and there is no law enforcement to help you, or your taxes go up to repair damage made by others in the name of addressing racial inequality, even though you yourself did nothing.

When people who want to take your labor and let someone else benefit without your consent, that is the raw definition of socialism as well as slavery, and yet, this very ideology is at the cornerstone of may a socialist movement. Today I have the liberty to say this. A year from now, that liberty may end up being a crime.

I think of that bridge in China and how those people got there and I see the future of America being like China in the not too distant future because of people like Harris, AOC and others whose heads are filled by the desire for power in the name of compassion, and anyone who gets in their way is problematic and must be dealt with. That is what these leaders call progress.

People fear Trump and many think he is the fascist, but I declare to you now that we have not yet seen the face of the true tyrant; that story has not yet been told.

Not yet.

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