12 Questions We Should Ask About the Coronavirus

While China still refuses to allow Western intelligence and research experts to fully investigate the source of the Wuhan Lab virus that has crippled society, there remains even more questions that absolutely need to be answered by China, and even Western Media, as to the origin and impact the virus continues to have on humanity.

A thousand years from now this virus will be discussed, it will be known and taught in schools. If the legacy of China is to have any lasting merit, and the integrity of a free press in the U.S. is to have any lasting credulity, these questions require answers.

1) When was the first case? When did the CCP (the ruling government of China) first know COVID-19 was transmissible through human-to-human contact?

Without this base point? We can never extrapolate how quickly the virus spread without this information.

2) Why did China stop issuing daily death totals after around 2500 (in February)?

Was it to hide from the world how devastating the virus really was?

3) Why were Belgium, Italy and Iran the first hard-hit countries? Did China know they were sending contaminated people to these regions before January 23rd, 2020 when they announced COVID-19 could be passed from person to person?

4) Did China purposely seed Europe, which brought in the first wave of contaminated people into the U.S., and specifically New York, with intent?

5) Did the Chinese delegation that attended the signing of the U.S.- China Trade Agreement know the transmissibility of coronavirus when they were standing next to President Trump (on January 15th, 2020)?

It was only one week later that China announced Coronavirus was humanly transmissible. If the CCP knew there was a possibility that the Presidential team in attendance could contract the deadly virus, did they inform the White House prior to the signing event? Was the Chinese delegation tested for COVID before they came to the U.S?

6) Is this virus related to, or the same virus that was being studied in 2009 by Canadian researcher Dr. Frank Plummer?

Samples of which were stolen from Dr. Plummer’s lab by two Chinese agents in 2009, and who were later arrested. Also, interesting to note that Dr. Plummer died on January 23, 2020 in Nairobi suddenly on the same the day he was about to give a speech about a new treatment for HIV (also on the same day the Chinese finally announced coronavirus was transmissible to humans).

Dr. Plummer was set to give a speech on January 23, 2020 in Kenya at the University of Nairobi, except that Dr Frank Plummer died suddenly; he had been working on a vaccine for HIV and was expected to share some of his research which reportedly could have applications to helping find a vaccine for COVID-19]. See Article Did China Weaponize COVID-19?)

7) When did Congressional leaders know about the dangers of the Coronavirus?

And if they knew, did they proceed with impeachment proceedings full-well knowing a dangerous virus was about to hit the shores of the United States?

8) Why was the Smithfield meat packing plant in South Dakota visited by a delegation of Chinese owners in mid-January, the same plant that later saw a major COVID outbreak among the over several hundred workers who worked at the plant, the only one to occur in South Dakota. Smithfield is the #1 supplier of meat products in the U.S.?

9) Why did the Chinese government stockpile face masks and ventilators months before the virus was known?

10) Why have no U.S. members of the CDC or the NIH been allowed to inspect the Wuhan Lab (BSL4) to find the source of the Coronavirus?

11) Why was The Barrington Letter, containing the signatures of over 10,000 global science experts declaring lockdowns as more lethal than the Coronavirus, ignored by most mainstream news media?

12) Why did major news media not report that early PCR swab testing was unreliable, as much as 40% inaccurate, and consistently failed to report that death rates from covid-related illness were almost exclusively among people older than 65, and failed to report that social justice rioting and protests in Seattle, Portland, Waukegan, Minneapolis and elsewhere, were super-spreader events?

As the fog clears on the impact of Coronavirus, more and questions will need to be asked and answered in order for us to learn important lessons from this pandemic that could ease the impact of future ones.

As stated in the beginning, China owes the world an explanation on how this thing spiraled out of control. It would appear the great lesson for China, if it wishes to save face, is to recognize the value of transparency when it comes to human safety on a global scale. If the CCP wants to put its own people at risk, that is a shame. Putting the world at risk, is unacceptable.

As to our national press, they are beholden to the American people for the very reason of things like pandemics and other events that put people’s lives at risk. That COVID-19 was politicized, is irredeemable. It would be irresponsible for the people of this country to so easily trust our mainstream media moving forward. I believe truth in reporting is essential, just as we have a ratings system for movies and television, the time has come for accountability in news reporting.

And to a certain extent, elected officials owe the American people an apology and an explanation on why we were not better prepared to minimize the impact of COVID-19.

Far too many elected officials took the opportunity to seize control and power without consensus, and continue to cast dominion over people with authorities never granted to them. Covid didn’t destroy the American economy, our elected officials destroyed the American economy because of the choices they made to shut down movement. Clearly, this strategy has been shown to be ineffective.

Forcing people to stay in doors has proven calamitous. Today’ s leaders will serve as future examples of how not to lead during a crisis.

The good news is that we the people, including the millions of health care workers around the world who answered the call, show our resiliency, despite the poor leadership that cause the pandemic, and the continued poor leadership that failed adequately to minimize keep its population well-informed informed so that the right decisions could be made to mitigate the pandemics impact on all of us.


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