11 Questions We Should Ask About the Coronavirus

Question we never ask about The Coronavirus, but we should:

1) Why are we still not counting the numbers of dead in China and Iran?  

I get it that we don’t trust them, but surely by now these two countries would eventually have to acknowledge the number of deaths from COVID if they are ever to have even a modicum of credibility within the scientific (and even academic) community.

2) Why didn’t the rest of Italy get whacked by COVID?

Milan and much of the area of northern Italy was devastated by COVID, and yet Rome, a mere few hundred kilometers away, was mostly spared. Meanwhile, Milan still is one of the hardest hit cities by COVID, and now, there is hardly any concern and there never was a second wave.

3) Why did the East Coast get hit hard but the West Coast was mainly spared when more Chinese travel to the West Coast than to the east?

Experts say New York was hit by a “European wave” (which came from the initial wave of Chinese nationals who traveled out of China and became the first generation of superspreaders, we assume). But why was there no “West Coast wave?” Even Chinatown in San Francisco was mostly unscathed.

4. Why were densely populated places like Seoul and Tokyo never as hard hit by COVID deaths as much as they were in Italy, Spain, Belgium, the UK and New York? Were those places seeded earlier with carriers?

5. Is there a connection between Canadian researcher Dr. Frank Plummer (who was researching Sars-Cov2 in 2009 until his samples were stolen by two Chinese agents), died in Nairobi suddenly the day he was about to give a speech about a new treatment for HIV (the same day the Chinese finally announced coronavirus was transmissible from human to human, January 23, 2020?

[It is worth noting, due to its suspicious timing, that the very doctor behind the discovery and extraction of the unknown virus strain in Winnipeg, and who also reported the theft, was set to give a speech on January 23, 2020 in Kenya at the University of Nairobi, except that Dr Frank Plummer died suddenly. He had been working on a vaccine for HIV, and was expected to share some of his research which reportedly could have applications to helping find a vaccine for COVID-19.] See Previous Article Did China Weaponize COVID-19?)

Could this virus actually be the same virus that was being developed for an HIV/AIDS vaccine? What did Dr. Plummer know and what was he about to reveal? Could he know, for example, what the Chinese were doing with the virus they stole ten years previous? If Dr. Plummer confirmed it, China could no longer use the “bat theory” account

6. Why was the name Wuhan or Chinese Virus renamed COVID 19? Was it a deliberate attempt to move the blame away from the CCP?

7. Why did the Chinese send a delegate to the White House on January 16th, 2020 when they knew there was a virus in circulation?

8. Why was the Smithfield meat packing plant in South Dakota visited by a delegation of Chinese owners in January, the same plant that later saw a major COVID outbreak, the only one to occur in South Dakota. Smithfield is the #1 supplier of meat products in the U.S.?

9. Why did the Chinese government stockpile face masks and ventilators months before the virus was known?

10. How was it that Senator Feinstein and her husband (who has many business dealings and long-lasting ties with Chinese business leaders and other members of the CCP) not know about COVID – even during the time preparations were being made by the Senate to impeach the President? Senator Feinstein is a leading Judiciary Member on the Foreign Intelligence Committee. Did she (and perhaps even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) know COVID posed a threat as early as January or even before? and did they used the impeachment to distract Trump?

10. Why have no U.S. members of the CDC or the NIH been allowed to inspect the Wuhan Lab (BSL4) to find the source of the Coronavirus?

To date the Chinese still claim the virus came from a bat that was sold at a wet market in January 2020, even though there is no direct evidence to substantiate their claim.

These all give strong indication that the Chinese Government either planned a germ-warfare attack on certain specific targets, or knowingly failed to warn other government agencies about the virus to give them time to prepare.

If the Chinese knew about the virus and its ability to spread as early as October, then this will serve as evidence the government of China was well aware of the impact Coronavirus would have by allowing it to build up viral load in strategic and highly concentrated population centers like Milan, Belgium, the UK and New York,.

If you follow the science then it makes no sense why New York City would lose 36,000 people in six to 12 weeks, and yet places like Miami and Seattle would take twice as long to get half as many deaths, unless coronavirus was in circulation months earlier in New York.

For example, 90% of the deaths in New York occurred over 12 weeks in March, April and May (36,000 deaths)

In Texas, where they have seen 16,500 deaths, it has taken 24 weeks to get to that number, twice as long, half as many deaths.

Which can only mean COVID was spreading in New York long before January, which probably means people were dying in Wuhan after the virus had already been seeded in New York, Milan, the UK, Spain and Belgium, with perhaps Iran being a mishap.

Either way, they, the CCP, withheld the information long enough for it to do real damage.

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