When Media Is The Message

There is a scene in the Academy Award-winning film The Accused with Jodie Foster where Jodie’s character is being sexually assaulted in the back of the bar while onlookers are encouraging the assault.

Prior to the assault Jodie Foster’s character is dancing, obviously toasted and making herself vulnerable to any less-than-savory asshole that might walk into the bar.

In this scene the protagonist is standing behind the crowd, urging them on, urging a young man to make his mark, to take advantage of Jodie’s character and pin her to a pinball machine and have his way.

This is what the mainstream media is doing today in America. They are the agitating force behind most of the tension we see today.

They should be held accountable.

Every time they show a partially true story about a black person being killed by the police, they only tell you the victim’s side, the emotional side, but rarely the facts of the case, and in doing so, they fan the flames of rage. They manipulate the story for maximum effect.

When ABC News Jonathan Karl says he is “worried” that the Press are seen as the “enemy” he thinks it’s because of Trump said it. The truth is people can’t trust a biased media, which is what it has become. Painfully biased.

93% of all Trump coverage is negative. Meanwhile, two-thirds of Americans do not trust news to be fair.

Is there a connection?

Sure there is.

But it gets worse.

I truly believe Disney must be getting tips from the CCP in the proper use of propaganda because Disney/ABC seems to be using the same playbook; use trigger words, promote class-warfare, always praise government efforts that push back against a Conservative president. He is the enemy, make him the focus, keep people’s attention on Trump and keep it negative.

Make his followers evil. Create an enemy by association (“Trump is a cult”)

This is how propaganda works. It divides the general population into groups who are “for” or “against” a given proposition, which in this case is more of the Deep State or less of it if Trump is re-elected. Forgot not that the Deep-State is driving all of this. The Deep State is a government that gets more powerful; it is globalization.

Think about it.

Disney must have access to the Chinese market in order to be profitable in film distribution. We know that the CCP has editorial control over every film that seeks release in China. If they have access to creative control over film, how deep does this relationship exist within the news divisions or other media? How can we know? What we do know is that if there is any slight against the People of China, the CCP shuts it down. We have seen this in many colleges where funds are withheld, scholarships are halted, when anything perceived as negative is taught in those institutions.

Ask yourself why the coronavirus was at first, the Wuhan Virus, then became COVID-19 within a two week period.

Most people had not yet heard of the Wuhan Virus by the time WHO changed it to COVID 19

And this is what we call it. COVID19, which means nothing. It isn’t even a proper acronym.

The scientific name of the coronavirus is Sars-NCov-2.

So who changed it? Our media?

Who gave the order? Who the fuck knows, but for some reason we don’t call it the Wuhan virus and those who do are called racists.

My point is that most liberal minded (non-conszervative ) people I know can no longer dinstinguish between reality and what they are being saturated by with mainstream media day in and day out across ALL media.

George Floyd was murdered by the police. Never mind the toxicology report that says he had fetanyl AND heroin in his system in high amounts.

Breonna Taylor died because her boyfriend shoots at the police, never mind that no one actually knew the color of either party when the shooting began.

‘Hands up don’t shoot’ Ferguson phenom Michael Brown was attacking the cop when he was shot; all of these events that have spawned riots and destruction and are based on partial truths, or half lies. Either way, Blacks are being riled up by the media that shouts “do it, do it, do it!”

People feel they are empowered to be violent because leaders tell them they are victims and have every right to protest, which they certainly do.

I heard ABC say three times the Louisville protest were “mostly peaceful” except for the two cops that were shot and the businesses that were set ablaze.

How is that for some CCP shuck and jive?

And perhaps the greatest gift any tyrant could ever want: misinformation about a virus.

The Science says that 1 to 2 people per 1,000 will die from Covid related illness. Not Covid, but Covid-related.

1.9 million people have died from car accidents so far this year. 200 times more people die from being in a car than die from Covid. Follow the science.

People in the world today are in a terrible position because they are being lied to, controlled, exploited by extremely horrible leadership.

To me, Kamala Harris and Vladimir Putin are no different. They both lust for power and will lower their moral compass at every opportunity to get it.

XI, the Ayatollah, Al-Assad, name your despot; these people have so much blood on their hands it is not even possible to completely grasp just how evil they are, as well as the minions who follow and serve them.


White Conservatives are The New Jews and is 1930 Germany

How do you think so many Jews were allowed to marched off to concentration camps in a country where most reasonable people would never have allowed such a thing to happen. Certainly no normal person today would knowingly allow there neighbor to be demonized by media and political parties, and yet this is exactly what we see. This is why family members don’t speak, its why divorces are peaking.

How did it happen?

It happens because nice people stay silent. It happens because no one wants to get involved – even if injustice is being witnessed. Non-Jews felt safe then, and it wasn’t worth getting in trouble by getting involved. Today I see people afraid to speak when they are pressed to “take a knee” or raise their fist; to atone for racial guilt.

But the propaganda that made normal Germans complacent to the death of their fellow Jewish neighbors is no different from what we see happening to Conservative and Christians in the U.S. (and elsewhere).

People of faith are being marginalized in greater numbers.

What is happening today in America is a strange combination of 1939 Germany and 1960 China.

A racial group is being singled out as being an oppressor, and a class (moderately successful, upper middle class or wealthy) are being demonized by a political-media campaign that, oddly enough, is full of upper middle-class caucasians who make tremendous wealth – as well as – people of color who also generate tremendous wealth. The media uses these people to increase tension, not diffuse it. The only reason media and progressives don’t object to the violence we are seeing the streets is because they believe that by keeping anger towards one group of people – and away from them– they are inoculated from the rage.

Religious people are marginalized. White conservative men are despised, one by one, CEO’s who helped build great companies that hire millions of people, are being replaced simply because they are White and said or did something that is no longer accepted.

What we are witnessing has not see before in this country before. But we have seen this in places like China, Russia, Iraq, Cuba, Venezuela.

Ben Franklin said, “You have a Republic, if you can keep it.”

While there was always an effort to ease racial tensions by addressing specific concerns (like out-of control law enforcement, or a judicial system that provides no real rehabilitation), this environment today is different. The entire system is set to burn if the mob-rule doesn’t get its way, and the target is anyone who doesn’t hate Trump.

It’s not enough to be non-involved, you have to take a knee, raise a fist and admit your solidarity towards to new rulers.

Does this at all sound like Germany, or China, or even Cuba when those revolutionaries took over in the name of equality and social justice (retribution)?

In Germany it was anyone not German; in China is was the ruling educated class and the business owner; in America is its the capitalist and anyone who pushes patriarchy.

Stay tuned. It only gets worse from here.

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