What The World Needs Now Is Optimism

I want to put in a vote for good times ahead. 

Seriously, everything is bad. A pandemic, global lockdowns, economic collapse, fires, active hurricane season, climate change, Trump. I don’t think I have ever seen such despair being echoed in the world so broadly.

But what if everyone is wrong? What if the best days are ahead and we just don’t know it yet? What if what is happening now is absolutely necessary for humanity who are literally evolving from savagery to modernity in a quickened and sometimes confusing pace? These are unprecedented times, indeed, but it does not mean the world is about to go over a cliff.

Let’s review.

Yes we have a pandemic, but look at the global coordinated efforts being done between nations; look at the global medical and health industry and how millions of front line workers are in a literal war trying to mitigate and defeat the microscopic enemy that faces all of us; look at the infrastructure that makes Operation Warp Speed possible; observe the technological complexity that we have built  that aides us in food distribution, safety services and information access. All of these things bode well for human progress, despite the political fallout and the sometimes poor leadership in certain quarters where frankly, they are grasping at straws because all of this is new to us.

There is an assumption that we are not supposed to work for progress, that transitional growth comes without much effort. Take the current Black Lives Matter movement. Most of us have known for decades that our legal system and rehabilitation process is deeply flawed. All of what is transpiring today forces us to reevaluate what works and what doesn’t when it comes to law enforcement. That doesn’t mean that too many Blacks are being shot or abused by “a racist system,” but it does mean that a cycle of poverty exists that continually produces criminality – and that is the point

Eventually what will emerge from the current racial discord is a better understanding of race relations and criminal and justice reform.

And then there is Trump. 

People think if he gets re-elected the country will break out in a riot. I have more faith in Americans than that. I believe the majority of Americans, red or blue, like law and order and will not accept nor condone the continued childish behavior by those who wish to agitate (some of them backed by nefarious forces who seek to undermine an election). Most of this activism is actually being driven by the pandemic and the lack of jobs and money. There are a whole lot of people who simply have nothing else to do and protesting for a great cause like racial equality makes them feel part of a “movement” and on the right side of history.

What is most unfortunate is that Trump is being portrayed by the political Left as being against racial equality, even though his policies have furthered more people of color than any of the last five previous president. The media needs a villain to rally the mobs, they need a Frankenstein. They found Trump and have been embarrassing themselves to no end. Progressivism is actually regressing into a mob-mentality that thrives on the worst natures of humanity, which society will redress in due course.

I cannot think of any reason why Trump would lose the election and the presidency. He had far more against him in 2016 than he has today. In fact, the president actually has a track record; Trump actually fulfilled a hell of a lotta promises in his first term – and even with the virus his administration (despite extreme pushback – managed to keep the food shelves full, commerce moving, and the Covid curve flattened.

There will no doubt be a cure for coronavirus, and even if a vaccine never comes; we know so much more now about how to treat COVID-19 that therapy and reduced morbidity are constantly improving. Sooner or later people will understand the truth of the science which shows Coronavirus is running its course, as viruses have done throughout history.

Lower respiratory infection kills over 800,000 a year and anyone can get it, and yet there are no lockdowns. Once the fog and fears clear, people will assess that a policy of locking down healthy people has no scientific nor social benefit.

So you see, once the pandemic clears, once the economies bounce back and once people feel more secure because the worst is over, we could be looking at at least 3 or 4 years of prosperity ahead, just as we saw in 2017, and before that, after 9/11.

Technology is freeing us and making it possible for us to do more in less time and enjoy more of what we love to do. While we have problems like waste, pollution, drug-cartels and China to occupy us, none of this prevents society from marching forward in a positive way, especially if we embrace the notion that man is progressing away from his former barbaric past to a more ennobling future. There are clearly human rights victors, there are clearly young people who want to keep earth clean and want to innovate new ways of producing energy; we are advancing and there is every reason to be positive about humanity advancing.

 Think back to just 100 years ago. Was life really better back then? And yet, look at what happened after the Great War ended, after Yellow Fever killed 20,000,000 people. Free nations thrived, our great American ingenuity thrived, mortality rates dropped, standards of living, health care, food production, communication, travel, entertainment, electronics all vastly improved. Back then it would have been hard to believe life could get better – but it did.

But then the Great Depression hit, fear ruled, another war raged and again there was fear and despair. But then the war ended, and we, humanity, figured out a few things about mass production, national cohesion on a scale never seen before, and intelligent cooperation, all of which took humanity to the next level. The 1950’s are considered the pinnacle of human endeavor. Never have so many had their living standards raise so high in such a short amount of time.

Don’t believe me? Look at the cars on the road today and all of the skyscrapers that adorn the skylines of a hundred different U.S. cities.

100 Years ago 95% of what you see now didn’t exist.

So you see, everyone gets it wrong when they predict doom and gloom. Everyone becomes Malthusian and then things get better because we are a resilient and innovative species by design. Have faith in that notion and dont’ be afraid to be an optimist. 

That’s what the world needs most right now, more faith in the human spirit.

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