How Do You Social Distance On A Boat?

I had the wonderful opportunity to hang with uber-Libs who hate Trump and probably me as well. But it was one those few occasions where I managed to catch a drift of a conversation here and there, and especially on the lack of social distancing this Labor Day weekend with all of those damn boats promoting Trump.

How dare they!

And then I asked myself how exactly do you social distance on a boat?

The answer is you don’t because you can’t. Usually people who have boats have people on them that they know, or we assume they know and are capable of using their own good judgement on such passengers being COVID-free.

As to whether boats can get close enough together where the coronavirus might be able to leap aboard a passing vessel and infect an unwitting passenger, follow the science, which is to say NO it doesn’t.

But the image of people celebrating, the idea that large crowds were doing something other than rioting, or in lock-down mode was reprehensible to the those who hate the Trump world where people feel safe and are enjoying their freedoms; they hate the idea that millions, perhaps even more, might actually support this slimy-excuse-for-a-human-being who actually believes we can defeat the virus and get back to living our normal lives.

They, these haters of prosperity and accomplishment, are already discussing among themselves that Trump will “steal the election” and refuse to “leave the White House.” Netflix might already have a pilot episode planned.

All things that go down must go up, including effective COVID 19 mitigation and treatment efforts and an economy where human labor can’t wait to get back to work!

If the only thing preventing America (and the world) from getting back to where it was before COVID is COVID, then let’s get back to work. The science tells us the world is recovering from COVID.

100 years ago two things ended and what followed was a magnificent age of prosperity and optimism, the Roaring 20’s.

World War I ended and Yellow Fever had subsided. America was victorious and a new America (and world) emerged. Mobility, energy and communication all exploded simultaneously. There were new ways of doing things, new music, new frontiers and science, along with our love for entertainment and creativity, both of which prospered. Sound familiar?

That is what awaits once the pandemic ends and the societies of this world realize open and free-market societies that prize human rights THRIVE if allowed to, just as we do here in the United States. Which is why we are seeing nationalism rise around the world; that is what the Trump doctrine really is and why it is catching on – much to the chagrin of the globalist and socialists who despise Orange Man Bad.

Hubris is a powerful driver of hate.

But even hubris won’t stop progress. Whether or not Trump or the ingenuity and resilience of the American people get credit, America and the world have good days ahead. We just don’t know it yet.

Update: Sept 30, 2020.

Governor of Florida relaxes all restrictions of businesses put in place because of coronavirus.

Deaths are minimum and no visible impact in dailey cases from Labor Day weekend.

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