What The US Has Done For Black Lives In Africa Matters

My response to Black Lives Matter would be to suggest a quick review of just how much we help African countries.

According the Borgen Report

In 2012, the United States provided nearly $12 billion in official development assistance (“ODA”) to African nations. The ODA is allocated to education, health, infrastructure and economic development programs in recipient countries. Currently, the United States allocates foreign aid to 47 African nations and USAID operates 27 missions on the continent.

US Foreign aid to Africa began in the 1960s as many African nations gained independence and the United States sought strategic alliances to counter the influence of the Soviet Union. With the exception of disaster and famine relief, most foreign aid to Africa began to decrease with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

So you see Black Lives do matter.

27 Billion. Just because we want to help.

So tell me again about how we are a racist country?

The systemic racism some politicians speak of reflects failed government policy in city after city where lots of money and funding changed hands but very little changed with those who needed it most: the poor.

It started with sub-par teachers, our schools became daycare centers- single parent families became dependent on paltry government programs. Young black men in poverty had no real ladder out, perhaps sports, perhaps a scholarship. The system did a horrible job and that system is our government. When Kamala or Joe talk systemic they are referring to themselves.

Back to Africa.

More from the Borgen group on just we (America) has done to improve black peoples lives:

In the 2000s, President Bush more than tripled aid to Africa by establishing programs such as the Child Survival and Health Programs Fund as well as the Global HIV/AIDS Initiative.

Though foreign aid programs are designed to assist recipient nations with development, they also benefit the United States in a number of ways.

First, these programs help build strategic alliances and foster support for democratic transitions. It also stimulates Africa’s growth and development, which provides opportunities for increased trade and direct investment in the continent’s emerging markets.

Perhaps instead of burning down businesses calling for social justice, Soros and BLM could help build up the country of its ancestors as we have been doing for over 60 years.

There is even more good news to share about just how generous we are with thos impoverished souls who probably would have a very hard time understanding why Black people in this country are destroying things when thier very government – and its generous people – give so much.

Click to access Africa-Development-Aid-at-a-Glance-2019.pdf

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