Liberty Is On The Line

I see this election day as a pivotal time in history because I understand two things. 

The first is that China really is asserting itself on the global stage, a country that, for all intents and purposes, is behaving just like the Third Reich did in Germany in 1934 to 1945. They are systemically killing people who get in thier way, and this is the second most powerful government on the planet. But people in America don’t see it because – guess what – they get most of thier news from mainstream media, which ignores the China threat and even downplays it.

The second thing I know is that most of the racial strife is fabricated by the media and a political party that truly wants to divide us. They do this by selectively choosing, or even sometimes altering which facts to present in almost every case where a person of color is shot by law enforcement. And it is done to further a narrative that America is a racist country.

It’s not Trump causing racial strife, though he is being used as a catalyst for it.

But the media is too strong.

Think of the world as collection of gangsters, very powerful gangsters who have billions of dollars of sophisticated weaponry at their disposal. Do you think either Biden or Harris have the testicular fortitude to push back against Putin, The Ayatollah, Xi, or Erdogan? Are you kidding. These guys are all experts in political tradecraft (and getting rid of enemies) and would run circles around Joe and Kamala. Neither of these two leaders truly understand the global threats they face. Trump is willing to hit back and this has made America stronger – not weaker – despite what the mainstream media would have you believe.

Our world enemies hate Trump because he does push back, and that is the only thing I think about. Trump is what stands between America becoming just another country, or America staying as strong as possible.

Who will be better for us to lead and to preserve what liberties we hold so dear?

People in America are very naive because we are in love with our toys which distract us. We would rather play TikTok because it’s fun, rather than worry about why China is using the app to store and track our behavior.

The present discourse and conflict is all Trump’s fault. And that is the message isn’t it? Why would people blame Trump for the ills that plague America? Because that has been the message of 92% of the media since 2016. The message is so overwhelming people are swimming in it; they accept it as consensus and believe it to be true. There is no discussion and there is no reconciliation. There is only the divide and the inability to overcome belief systems of true hatred and disdain. And these very people who hate Trump blame Trump for hating him. Can you think of anyone else who can use that argument, “I hate you because you make me hate you.” ?

Or is it the media, run by mostly young progressive “woke” activists who have turned normally reasonable people into a land of true haters?

Many will relieved to finally be rid of Orange Bad Man, I, on the other hand will know that the end of the greatest country on earth is one step closer to happening, not because Senator Harris is of color, or because Biden seems like a failed politician who finally got lucky.

If Trump wins, though America will be safer, I won’t look forward to four more years of contention. Trump is good for the long term objective of fostering a stable democracy free of socialism, and that matters more now than ever before.

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