Follow The Science on COVID

Below are charts reflecting the current daily death trends in all of the major countries where Coronavirus has had the most impact since January. I left out China and Iran because of early questionable data. But going back to when the virus left China and began moving outward (January to the present) we start with the countries hardest hit first then move as the virus moves across the globe.

You will notice that more deaths happened quickly and more severe in the beginning. Belgium, Italy, Spain and the UK were recording nearly a thousand deaths per day for weeks. It continues to move through South and Central America today. Brazil, Mexico and Columbia are where Italy and Spain where in February/March in terms of daily death counts from COVID.

There is no question that the virus is deadly and it caught us all off guard, especially when the Chinese government lied for weeks about it, allowing it to spread like wildfire.

The good news? Follow the science. The worst may indeed be over (for countries ravaged during the first six months).

The better news? We have the ability to use an endless supply of human plasma to prevent COVID-19 deaths, we have three highly effective therapies and no less than four major Bio-Pharma organizations extremely hopeful of being the first to hit the global market with a vaccine within months, and the U.S. is already prepared to move a vaccine quickly once clinical trials have been conducted, and confirmed for safety, which is being done at (Operation) warp speed.

And the best news of all, the science of data clearly shows mostly a consistent pattern of COVID 19 that indicates a predictable pattern of behavior. These charts should make headlines, but it’s an election year and the virus has been clearly politicized by all sides. Which is why the facts are displayed below so that you can see for yourself, minus the noise.

These charts are provided by WHO, Johns Hopkins and the CDC.

The below countries represent the hardest hit countries (in terms of deaths) from January to August 22, 2020. The pattern of hitting a peak and then a slow tapering off is consistent as NCov2 works its way through each society:

What we don’t see is the “Golden Gate” effect of persistence.

Coronavirus seems to find the weak quickly, then it dissipates as it moves across the globe.

It is the Science of Data:

Enjoy and share.

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