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What Trump Has Actually Done for Liberty

I have a theory that Donald Trump may actually be an alien with a few superpowers. One is that he never grows tired. In truth, no one has ever actually seen him sleep. He doesn’t. The planet he comes from they only require one hour sleep every few days, and they are unflinched by the emotion of weaker mortals.

Trump’s second superpower is that he can hypnotize people who have weak minds, and who are insecure, to obsess about him, like an enigma. It is actually by design because he has what is known as super charisma, but it only afflicts those who are driven by emotional thinking, people who have a hard time processing intellectual ideas because emotion is the dominant personality trait. These are the people who believe feeling bad is actually doing something.

Lastly, Trump uses his super-charisma to bring out people’s negative character-traits, almost like a personality truth-serum where weaker minds under his control can’t help but to be angry, mean-spirited, hateful, judgmental, all of the qualities that are exactly the opposite of good character. They become the very thing they hate about Trump. The project what they think Trump is, and then become that very person themselves.

If you watch the politicians and the media anchors who despise Trump, they are not able to stop the obsession. And the people who follow their leaders in politics and on television are also caught under the spell because they too, are addicted to the emotional satisfaction they get from the feeling of hate.

They are addicted to hate, which must be because Trump is the devil, or at least they think he is because he goes against their version of reality. Trump is against identity politics, against global warming/climate change hysteria, against allowing free and open borders, giving away shit, against anarchy; he is white, successful, unflinching and strong-willed. He is everything they now believe is wrong about humanity; they have gone insane with rage and it shows on MSNBC and CNN every single night.

And Trump must be a superman because I can’t think of another human being who can take this kind crap for four years and still get up in the morning doing what he thinks will benefit every single American, even the ones who hate the hell out of him.

And it is for that reason alone Trump earns my great respect. History will show I am right.

Love or hate his character flaws, no one could have survived what Trump has survived in the last 4 years.

Many Americans, when they come down from the spell of hate they have been under, will be embarrassed when they realize what they became. The very monster they thought they were destroying was their own hubris.

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