Post COVID Manhattan

As of this writing Manhattan recorded 6 deaths in the last 24 hours. New Case counts are well below what would be considered safe, and yet America’s premiere city remains boarded up. Businesses remain closed – or so restrictive that profit margins are non-existent; authority has told us we cannot go back to normal even though there is clear evidence that Coronavirus has passed.

If you look at every major city that was impacted by COVID, Milan, Madrid, Brussels, Stockholm, cases have stayed down after the first wave. Science doesn’t lie, nor does bad leadership. Mayor DeBlasio and Governor Cuomo need to loosen the chains that are keeping people in New York shackled, and I use those words because that is exactly what it is, being told you are a slave and you cannot do anything without thier approval. All in the name of science. But yet, the science says its time to open.

Forward this to everyone you know in New York, or you will lose New York.

My dad told me that if New York every shutdown the rats will come up from the sewers in a matter of days. The rats are already here.

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