Kamala Harris Is Obama 2.0

She is devious, an unscrupulous political adversary without guile, and fierce, all of which she would consider positive attributes.

Many of you forget that way, way back about 9 months ago there was an article that clearly stated Senator Kamala Harris was being groomed by the California Democratic political power brokers for that day when she would step into the White House to begin Obama 2.0. Some say it was the planned event all along for 2020. I tend to agree. Except it all came crashing in when Tulsi Gabbard tore Kamala image to shreds in the second Democratic debate. Harris never recovered and she looked mean taking down Biden in that same debate in much the same way a wolf would take down a ageing wildebeest. The optics were bad and it revealed her thinly-disguised political sagacity.

The only challenge facing Joe Biden at this point is if he can survive the first presidential debate without losing his marbles within the first fifteen minutes.

I contend (because the DNC would never allow such a thing) that the debate will be America’s first Zoom debate (so our Chinese friends can watch) under the guise of COVID health concerns. Look for unexpected technical glitch in case Uncle Joe slips off the guardrails.

So assuming Joe manages to get through the debates, hold on to his lead, and ride victorious come November 3 (or March 20th when they actually have all of the mail-in ballots counted), you still can’t fight science. At some point the odds are Kamala will be running this presidency either on her own, or with Joe’s help, or was that, to help Joe? All of which means Obama’s deep-State perennials will be running Kamala and the White House again.

It will be America’s first president ruled bycommittee which will consist of, but not be limited to everyone from the previous Obama administration except for Joe, who prefers these days to be “left alone.”

I know nothing about Kamala, except that she would have once allowed a death-row inmate to fry, even though she held back exculpatory evidence that would have exonerated the suspect. That’s all I need to know about Kamala.

She wins at whatever cost, which would be good if she were on our side, but since she is, instead, an activist and full-time victim at heart, a Harris presidency means every politically-progressive social ill will be righted during her tenure, and every person who disagrees with her will be in opposition to The State.

Big Brother ain’t big brother, it’s big Sister. Who wants to guess the VP pick? hmm, Mayor Pete, Susan Rice, or how about Lori Lightfoot as our new AG?

I also know that my email spell check underlines Kamala as an incorrect word because at this stage of her life she is still not recognized by the grammar-gods. But I am sure that will change too, under rule of law.

There is nothing organic or even inspiring about Kamala. She is the product of the State. She was groomed by the State, she has worked for the State all of her life and Harris plays politics of the State like some of us play poker. 

And based on the way she grilled Justice Brent Kavanagh at the Senate confirmation hearings in full public by smearing his name, and for no other reason than to prop up her own sagging political career, all of this makes it hard for me to say anything hopeful about this very possible future president. 

Only that I hope she uses some of her sharp skills against our true opponents in the world like China, Iran, Russia and North Korea, and not just at her political opponents here it home. A House divided cannot stand, and all that…

I’m all for having a strong-willed president, as long as that strong-willed president isn’t using her skills to destroy her political opponents just to amass power. Somewhere in there you hope there is love of country.

Which is why I wish Kamala Harris was a Republican instead of a Democrat. 

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