The Brownshirts are coming: Why even passive Liberals need to be worried

Everyone knows who the Brownshirts are; in France they were French Nazi sympathizers who gladly supported socialism when Hitler invaded France and took over. In Germany, it was the Brownshirts who were Hitler’s loyal and private party enforcers who promoted the NAZI party (Socialists). The NAZI party may seem opposite of BLM and Antifa, but they are not. In spirit they are the same.

Ironic that Antifa says they are anti-Fascists, because they share a fascist zeal for undermining the established society with a desire for retribution and revenge. They seek to redistribute unearned wealth to be “fair” and make those who have been successful to suffer and be controlled under the new regime.

In America the Brownshirts are Antifa: spoiled Gen Xers, as well as some of the Marxist elements of Black Lives Matter, who believe America needs to become a socialist State or be torn down; they have embraced a globalist vision in which they want to create new order, a new power-structure, and these forces are actively working towards subjecting America be ruled by a central global power structure, of which they, Antifa and BLM, will have a part.

The story is always the same. You have people who seemingly are fighting for the poor or the downtrodden, and then, as these groups become more powerful, more curtailments are put into place, and within seconds (in terms of social evolution), you, the former supporter of this seemingly fairer regime that took down people you didn’t like, are now keeping an eye on your own behavior and asking exactly what is your contribution to the new order?

And that’s the moment you realize that all you did was replace one tyrant with another, or as Pete Townsend once quipped, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

The Cancel Culture is a metaphor – as well as a precursor – to the Brownshirts future regime backed by Social Media foot soldiers, who demand and threaten action at the slightest utterance of any politically incorrect statement or idea. Even jesting about skin color, culture differences or gender can be a career -ender.

For example, take JK Rowlings. There isn’t a child in the last 25 years who has not read Harry Potter. There’s not a parent in the world who isn’t thankful to JK for her influence in getting our children to read. My own children read every Harry Potter book growing up. It opened the door to learning and imagination. I am forever grateful. The same is not true for the new youth army of snowflake Brownshirts.

It may also have been the last great time when our kids’ noses were in books instead of an iPad or a smartphone.

You would think that the generation who read her books would have the utmost respect for this literary giant. They did until she uttered a mortal sin. JK Rowlings dared to say that we shouldn’t push infants into transgenderism, and our doctors should tread cautiously when advocating transgender therapy for infants. Infants?!

Apparently, the new Brownshirts, thinking they are defending transgender rights, are instead, trampling on the human right of free expression.

Think about it. People are angry because someone suggested we should be cautious when offering transgender medication and therapy to infants. In another time (like in 2005) one might think the real offense would be towards the medical establishment for pushing gender therapy on children because of the huge profits derived from such therapy. In today’s world people want kids to be gender-fluid. Isn’t that sick?! It’s insane actually. Ah, but the new Brownshirts would say you are a homophobe if you disagree, and are worthy of nothing less than losing your job and your career.

The good news is Ms Rowlings has not backed down from her position. The better news is that her publisher, at least for now, is defending by not firing her (probably because she is their #1 client).

The not-so-good news is that if you are a vocal supporter of the progressive movement, or even a passive supporter, they will come for you one day just like they continue to come after anyone who gets in their way.. It has to be that way. You think they support gay rights until they don’t. You may think they are fighting for equality, or justice, but who’s equally? Yours? And for justice? Whose justice? Do we not have courts? Do we not have a nation of attorney’s who would love a shot at a case involving racial or gender discrimination? Why then, if we have these legal structures already in place, do we need to reform our courts and our police?

Up until a few months ago, America was considered a fairly safe society. Not since the Brownshirts showed up. Places like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, New York, CHICAGO and Minneapolis may never be the same. People there are now not only living in fear of being raped or shot, but also of being cancelled if they step out of line and speak against the Brownshirt (aka Social Justice) movement.

Even Ellen Degeneres – ELLEN, the queen of PC, the great dispenser of all things Woke, the 330 million-dollar bank-account person who has the #1 daytime cable TV show, is under attack by the Brownshirts for being mean to staff people, for being ‘insensitive’ with her co-workers who were advised “not to talk” to her at work (in defense of Ellen, when you have that much star-power you have to have handlers because everyone wants a piece of you. I know this because I have worked with major talent for decades, and while the hubris sometimes stinks, the fact is fans are always looking for a way to get your attention when you are a celebrity, and it can be overwhelming at times, to be sure).

The greater point is that someone as untouchable as Ellen is just as susceptible to attack by the Leftist Brownshirts as anyone. If they can can go after her, how will you fare in this new order of Brownshirt philosophy? A philosophy where any offense, even an unintended one, can destroy your life.

Ask Chris Matthews how he likes it.


Aren’t taking a knee? You’re out. Don’t agree that white people are inherently racist? you’re out. Saying you love free speech and Liberty, your area nationalist supremacist and must be removed. Ever suggest that there are only two sexes? Uh oh, that is problematic. You’re out. Don’t agree that the climate is in crises, or that all men are sexist pigs and our entire patriarchy was built on white male supremacy? You are out and are no longer useful or even wanted in the new order.

The illusion of the Brownshirts is that think they are trying to help those our leaders have ignored. They naturally want to help those in need because it makes them feel good. It feels good to feel bad about others. Some people make a career out of it. Everyone needs a good cause to fight for, that is human nature. What these young brainwashed idealists don’t know is that the power behind the current American cultural Woke revolution is in fact foreign, and world leaders (XI, the Ayatollah, Putin, Bashar Al-Assad and other dictatorship or autocratic regimes) want to destroy America, make her weak, make her a slave to a globalist agenda where America becomes, like our current President said, “a place to drain the riches of our beautiful country for the benefit of other countries.”

AOC is a Brownshirt. She knows that as long as she leads the battle on socialist causes liek class struggle, racial-injustice, or income-inequality, she gets the power that comes with it if her campaign is successful. She, and others of her ilk, become the unconscious useful idiots to the powerful who support her socialist ideas. It is these same power players who also show up at the victory party with an “invitation to get to know you better,” which means you are on your way to being controlled like a puppet to further the Brownshirt agenda of undermining liberty and freedom in America.

The Brownshirts set up the new regime through intimidation, fear, shame and guilt. Watch how Antifa behaves at protests or rallies as they assault people; watch the way BLM interacts with those who disagree with them, the verbal, and sometimes physical attacks that take place.

Someone recently praised AOC for being such a great Catholic. Fidel Castro was also once a great Catholic. The press is always glowing about AOC, and while I have no personal gripe with the Congressperson, she serves as an example of how movements start. It always starts out being about “the people.” And with our current media, they help to promote her message to young, uneducated left-brained idiots who don’t know any better.

Think it can’t happen here? Why are riots and protests allowed by not church gatherings? 

They come after everyone eventually because that is what tyranny does. It doesn’t stop until every perceived enemy has been destroyed. Right now, literally, there is a movement to take America into a socialist democracy. What is a socialist democracy? Let’s just say it is incompatible with the all of the Bill of Rights. One describes the difference this way. In America you can do anything unless it is deemed illegal by Law. In other countries, you can only do things that are allowed by Law. For example, if you post a joke about Mohammed on Facebook in France, Belgium or Germany, you can go to jail. You do not have permission to speak freely. In China, do I need to explain to you how freedom works there?!

In the new order you are needed until you no longer serve the purpose

I find it interesting that most people out their protesting against racial inequality and for equal justice don’t realize that they are just bringing in a new group of oppressors. 

First they came for the religious and I said nothing. Then they came for conservatives, and I hate them, so I said nothing. Then they came for the rich and I said ‘they deserve it,’ and said nothing. Then, they came for the rural farmer who took their land from the indigenous (and who supported the Conservatives, fed the religious and probably deserved it, too), and I said nothing.

Then, they came for my kids who refuse to take a knee, and I said nothing because I was afraid they would come for me, too. Then they came for my husband who writes a blog like this and I said I guess I’m next.

And that is how it is going to go.

Liberty, self-determination, free speech, these are very dangerous ideas to those who believe people need to be managed for their own good, who believe society needs to be governed. History is filled with ruler after ruler, always supported at first, then hated in the end because power is too great for just one group to manage. It’s Tolkien’s golden ring; it has to be shared and it has to include liberty, self-determination and free speech, or it simply defaults to tyranny, always. Tyranny is the natural state of an uncivilized world.

A Republic (not just a ‘majority rules’ Democracy) where you have a true Executive, Legislative and Judicial balance of power is the best system for governing, one in which ‘we the people’ decide who is allowed to serve government. Proof that tise systems serves a good purpose is the fact that so many people have come here for that reason. Freedom. Freedom to make mistakes, freedom to not have someone arrest you for no good reason simply because of the way you look or what you believe.

The American experiment brought us incredible invention and economic wealth that benefitted almost every corner of the earth. You may not believe this (especially if you attended public schools in the U.S.), but poverty was the norm for most of society for most of the time. Tyranny was the standard.

Beware supporting Brownshirts. The more power you give them, the shorter the lifespan of Liberty in these United States, and possibly elsewhere, and that is what this article is about. The Browshirts are a regressive backward step to what we know doesn’t work.

You can’t replace freedom with safety. The cost is too high. We must echo this message even to our liberal friends.

And finally, the number one enemy sadly, is corporate media as it is run by progressive socialists as well as the FANG tech giants and their army of snowflake foot-soldier socialists who decide what news and information get curated everyday to “protect the masses from hate-speech, or hateful ideas.”

Information is now being controlled by an secular ideology that hates the United States because they feel guilty living in a (free-market) society that has produced the very wealth they now enjoy.

Media is already directly controlled by CCP sympathizers. There is absolute proof media is under the watchful eye and influence of the Chinese government because of the amount of profit derived from movies and media content that airs in China. Movies are edited, plot lines changed as to ‘not offend the Chinese people.’ Tech can also easily be influenced by these very same actors. We know the Chinese have been collecting our individuals data, and many young people don’t care, which is why the proposed Tik-Tok ban actually backfired against Trump, even though it was for security reasons!

It may already be too late to fight back against these two formidable enemies, especially if Biden wins in November. A Biden victory is a resuming of the Obama Deep-State. It also makes is extremely vulnerable to the forces who want America to go away.

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