Why the Chinese are Like The Borg

Listen, for those who don’t know about the Borg, they are a destructive race of humanoids who have been infected with a virus that turns them into mindless robots who are incapable of thinking as individuals, but rather, think only about the good of ‘the collective.’

The CCP wants to control the world in much the same way, through fear, manipulation and propaganda in order to assert its position in the world because it must in order to survive.

After all, the Chinese people represent the majority of the worlds’ total population.

In any tribe the majority rules, or at least it asserts to eventually do so. China, as a nation, is no different.

In this paradigm it is most unfortunate that the government that rules the majority tribe is a communistic, atheist, secularist, humanist, soulless and apparently cruel regime that has, verifiably so, has been proven to sell organs of its own citizens because of its moral vaccousness as a nation.

Not exactly the kind of regime you want setting the tone of future global affairs.

The Chinese cheat. It’s that simple, and they owe allegiance to no one, including God which they dismiss, because they represent the baser elements of the early human race, of human nature devoid of spiritual enlightenment. Indeed, even from a culture that brought us the wisdom of Confucious, the insight of Lao-Tse, the humility of Gautama, and the boldness of Genghis Kahn.

The tribe of China. The Borg.

They have no interest in cooperation. They only seek to dominate, because that is the extent of the Chinese intellect at the present stage of its human evolution.

Proof of this is the inability to control religious sentiment, even in their own country where millions have discovered Christ. They fail to see truth, and, the CCP are blind to even their own eventual destruction.

They are sowing the seeds of their own destruction through denial of the fact that man is ruled by spiritual realities, not temporal. We will never stop thirsting for liberty, freedom and the right to be left slone.

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