Memo To Donald J. Trump

This is one of those articles I struggled with in deciding whether or not I wanted to publish it. The headline changed. First it was, “Why I think Trump Will Lose,” to the more acerbic, “Why I want Trump to Lose.”

If you were able to put all of the Trump hatred in a bottle, you would have an atom bomb. 

Here is a short list of who would like to see Trump go in November:

1.Deep State (almost all federal employees who have career jobs with the federal government)

2. Celebrities

3. Young people

4. All democrats

5. China

6. The UN

7. Germany

8. France

9. Canada



12. ACLU

13. CAIR

14. Bashar al-Assad

15. Vladimir Putin

16. Everyone in my family

17. Everyone in your family that doesn’t talk to you

Now, here are those who want Trump to stay:

1. People who despise all of the above.

If I were Trump, I would let it go. I wouldn’t try too hard to win re-election. There is just too much hate, and besides, do you really want to deal with four more years of being shit on by every person you know? Why would you put your family through this? You desrve better.

You built the greatest economy of any president. Now, because you were distracted by an impeachment, the Chinese exploited this weakness and gave us a virus that undid all you accomplished, and then some. And don’t think for a moment it wasn’t welcomed by your political enemies, who have always loved their country less than they hate you.

Let Joe have this one and let the world see just how weak and ineffective he is and how much a weak and ineffective leader can destroy a country quickly (and it will happen even faster if he chooses – and I believe he will– Kamala Harris, America’s first sort of, but not really African -er Indian-American women to ever assume the leadership of the country only months after being sworn in as Vice President).

Let the progressive Left have their spoils and watch it burn to the ground.

Let our rights evaporate faster than a country fearing a pandemic.

Let the Chinese continue screwing us until we are all speaking Mandarin.

Let the European nations fall to the Muslim uprising, while Antifa burns London to the ground.

Let Iran build their bombs and destroy Israel while the Palestinians and the Hollywood Left celebrate the fall of the chosen people, the first monotheistic faith ever to exist, wiped from the face of earth.

Let the socialists destroy America’s wealth and let them create a true welfare-state where we can all enjoy true equality, a nation where everyone lives just above the proverty line for the “greater good.”

And finally, let them see what America looks like in 20 years when every institution that represented a liberty-loving nation has been utterly destroyed for being a racist reminder of the now re-written past.

In short, let history show that you were the last effective president we had before the American Empire burned to the ground because people just couldn’t handle freedom and liberty.

And when the day comes, I can’t wait for you to give one more glance at the crowd as you utter those oh, so famous words, “You’re fired, and I give you your next global leader, Joe Biden!”

Thank you Mr. President. You did a helluva job.

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