“Systemic Racism” Is A Racist Term

Do we really believe there is such a thing as systemic racism?

It’s a term that was created (by the Left) that states racism as a behavioral phenomena, is part of our character unwillfully decided, inherent to our character as a people predispostioned to such behavior.

That’s a clinical way of saying all white people are born racist and there’s not much you can do about it. 

That would be like me saying that all black people are born with an inherent distrust of white people, they can’t help it. It has been “built into their DNA.”

Does that sound racist? It sure does. But because we have accepted the premise that all white people are born racist, some on the progressive Left have determined racism isn’t a willful decision. It’s the same argument that says all men are, by nature, sexual addicts who prey on women, or think about it all of the time because it is instinctive. It’s like saying all Jews are inherently cheap, or shrewd, or that all blonde women are systemically stupid.

To say white people are inherently or systemically racist is exactly what racism is, a stereotype in which we ascribe certain characteristics as being instinctive, or not actively chosen and therefore cannot be controlled.

But how can something systemic in human behavior be evil or beyond our free will? Is all behavior built into to us? Does free will have any influence on outcome? Can one choose not to be racist, or is it predetermined at birth because a few hundred years ago my great-great-great-grandfather owned a slave?

Is systemic racism even a scientific fact?

If it isn’t, it soon will be, I assure you. One day the folks over at DSM will come up with some kind of behavioral term for people who exhibit a “predisposition to avoiding social intercourse with members of a different skin color.”

The term ‘systemic racism’ is a racist term. Americans of any color being fixed with a systemic characteristic is false. To suggest certain people are “just born a certain way” is exactly what racist stereotyping is, labeling.

Isn’t that what discrimination is all about? Judging someone on presumed characteristics you ascribe to people based solely on their race?

In any country where there is a majority or one color or another, the lesser group is right to feel a little outnumbered; the good news our country has made tremendous gains towards racial equity and equality. America has more than paid the price for the racial injustices we have inflicted, out of ignorance, to our fellow brothers with whose hands have built together this wonderful country.

But recognizing racial differences is quite natural and plays to our social instincts. It’s why we wear tattoos, a calling to our ancestral past where markings determined which tribe you belonged to, and commonalities ensured tribal safety, this social mechanism has continued for hundreds of thousands of years. Racism is mostly cultural, bigotry is taught, but even then, it simply can’t be brush-stroked and made to apply to all people, which is what using the term systemic seeks to do. That’s where we get into labeling based on uniform prejudice.

When the first Planet of the Apes movie was being filmed in Los Angeles in 1968, filmmakers remarked that, in between takes, the extras dressed as gorillas would form groups, while the chimps and orangutans followed suit. It’s not racism, it’s social tribalism; a perfectly natural social construct evolved by the desire to feel safe. It’s science.

When I was growing up in poor neighborhoods in South Gate, Watts and Lynwood California, I was in the minority, and I felt insecure. But it didn’t make me feel like all of my schoolmates hated white people, it was just that there were more of them than me, and kids, boys, pick on the weak. Once I made a few friends it was okay, but I ceratinly didn’t walk around with a chip on my shoulder saying the world was against me because I was white.

If you apply systemic racism as a label to all white people then you are in fact guilty of the same crime shown in the very nature by which you generalize one group of people.

That former President Obama said on National TV on 60 Minutes that “all white people have racism built into their DNA” was the worst kind of racist statement, one he got away with because he was Black, he was President, and he was charming, This lie continues to be pushed.

Today, the lie has been made a truth because no one dares question its validity for fear of being called a racist, like man-made climate change can never be debated because you would be a denier, as stupid ape-man who is probably a stupid religionist. Systemic racism is now accepted as truth by consensus by a large majority of people. That is not a progressive society.

Progressive societies embrace hard facts and truth, they don’t pander to virtue because it makes them feel less guilty about suffering in the world, or more caring about thier world by feeling bad about others who are “oppressed;” and if black people want white people to feel sorry for them, then yes, keep pushing the systemic racism thing. It will get you lots of sympathy to be sure, but that and a dollar won’t get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks, unless it becomes “systemic racism day,” and all people of color get free coffee as a way of saying “we’re sorry.”

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