The Invasion

Jim Watkins | Commentary

Anyone who saw the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers knows the premise. Pods take over humans minds. In their sleep, they become controlled by the body-snatching and mind controlling entities that turns people into lock-in-step communists who believe in the greater good, and that only good can come from everyone following to the beat of the same drum, and that if you just remove critical thinking and feelings you can truly be free.

In effect that is what we see happening to our loved ones who have had too much exposure to the mainstream media. Their minds have been co-opted, and they are not aware this has happened because they are told everyone believes the way they do.

Here are symptoms that someone you love has actually been completely brainwashed by the mainstream media:

– They constantly yell at their TV, “that asshole” whenever a picture of Trump is flashed on the screen

– They hate you for not agreeing with them

– Every comment you is answered with “where did’ja hear that, Fox News?!”

– They constantly have MSNBC or CNN news on, as to make sure they don’t miss a single minute, or single news update on how that asshole is ruining the country, like they are connected to “the collective” for information.

– They are angry

– They think Christians are endangering society and all people who like Trump are in a cult

– There is no middle ground, you either hate Trump or you love him.

– Unless you hate him, you are a danger to this country

And so there it is. 

Next time, we look for cures to helpthese sorry people who have lost their minds and quite possibly souls as well.

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