The Decline of America

China and the Other Great Threat – Our Own Media Speaking Out

A new report from Radio Free Asia confirms that China is on the march to make us subservient to them and it is clear our own media has no interest in reporting it.  Consider these points on the latest edition of Speaking Out With Jim Watkins Follow me online at — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
  1. China and the Other Great Threat – Our Own Media
  2. What They Are Doing is Criminal
  4. The Reason Behind The Rise in COVID Cases will Frighten You
  5. Bad Week for Conservatives

A totalitarian government is asserting itself. By sheer numbers, China may already be victorious, but in its ideology, many people in Western democracies are even now choosing if they want that kind of surveillance, state, censorship driven, toeing- the-line civilization modeled after a godless-Government-controlled society, or the one we have now, the one that allows people to be free in mind, spirit and body, without the fear of being dragged away because they don’t agree with the State, the Party or the People.

Globalization is what the UN wants, and so does China. But for different reasons. 

China wants to dominate because it is has 1.4 billion people and the only way to grow is to conquer new lands and have a large industry to keep those people producing, working, like honeybees in a hive. China steals ideas, technology, patents, and makes copies, then they sell these things to underdeveloped countries, essentially infiltrating them and making them dependent on the CCP, or Chinese Communist Party, a minority group of about 92 million progressives who have controlled the country since 1949.

The Chinese citizen in the field, in the slums is no more communist than a car mechanic or a 25 year -old cashier is a Democratic of Republican. It’s not about people just trying to survive and could care less about politics, it’s about power at the top, and our country is being held by the same kind of ideology that once held the early CCP, which is the desire to rule over the working class because they (the elite) feel its the only way to control them. China doesn’t care about human rights, humans are batteries.

Europe, which is ruled by European heads-of-State, the Member-Nation elected United Nations Committee wants globalization for different reasons, They want control of commerce, they want control of energy (through Climate change policy), but like the racist colonial leaders before them, they also think entire countries can be managed, that the underdeveloped worlds, with just a little bit of management, can be civilized. But they, the EU and the UN, underestimate the undeveloped worlds, which are rife with corruption, cultural backwardness and savage religious practices that will hardly ever be “civilized” by merely sending in a few UN consultants with bags of money to “help them along.”

Europe and China have corrupted Africa with bags of money. The poor people at the bottom are still poor, and the people in charge still know how to play larger countries to give them money to fight their internecine wars. The EU and UN thinks they can mitigate this behavior and make everyone global citizens; the Chinese just want to turn these lesser nations into little bitty compliant duracell batteries.


But America. What about America? We are too busy dealing being brainwashed by a media that promotes gender and race division, HATES FREE-MARKET PROSPERITY AND IS UNDERMINING CHILDREN INTO ACCEPTING GLOBALIST POLICIES THAT UNDERMINE FAMILY AND COUNTRY to keep us pre-occupied from a world that is crumbling before our eyes, while tyranny and globalist policies that undermine nationalism grow at a frightening pace.

America may have peaked.

It was 1955. We were victorious from two World Wars, we had money, we had troops coming home and impregnating their wives, who were now chainsmoking suburban mother who went on to spoil a generation of children who, instead of taking the baton and moving forward with American greatness, instead “tuned in and dropped out,” because a nation of spoiled drug addicts shifted towards debased and unbridled liberty that has destroyed the American family unit, all egged on by a consumer-crazy media who loved to promote and prostitute itself before the alter of false progressivism.

Were it not for the final exhaustive emergence of such magnificent brain power of the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others, America probably would have faded long ago (1977, the year Disco hit, perhaps). Were it not for our continued ideas of striving to be better because we are free to do so, we would have faded. And that is what is happening now. Most Americans are being taught this is not a great country, we are being told to be ashamed of her, to hid behind globalism because it is not right to feel superior about your country. This is what is happening now in AMERICA.

You see, when you grow up loving your country and then watch as others try to make it into just another country, you get angry.

I predict the following path. Listen to my words.

For those who are listening, Biden will win. He will choose Kamala Harris as her VP running mate, (hence the Obama administration); all of the former apparetacheck deep-state participants who ran this country into the ground for eight long years will be back because poor Joe just had a stroke six months into to his first term. 

And then the new laws will be enforced, and I’ll spare you the  stories of the erosion of personal liberties, except to say the country now has, as its President, a former California Attorney General who knowingly allowed aman to be executed even though she had evidence to show he wasn’t guilty of the crime for which he was being punished.

China will hit reset, American leaders will apologize for Trump and the next leg of America will be removed.

The Prophet Speaks.

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