If We Are Not Careful We Can Become China Overnight (Beware of the CTI)

I am trying to understand how 90 million people in China rule with an iron fist over the country’s 1.4 billion people, most of whom live in or below poverty. 

But then, all I have to do is look at our own country and I can see how such a minority of Leftist rule could emerge and bring the same dire socialist nightmare to our shores.

Today’s CCP is much more terrifying, and it makes it almost impossible for the people ever to rise up.

The CCP can use all kinds of tech to control people’s lives, and these are the same elites who believe it is morally acceptable to extract organs from living prisoners who are guilty of only believing in God. China is one vast concentration camp, and with technology, there is  almost no escape. And it wants to take over the world.

They are the ruling elite, a congregation of many city-state communist dictators who all serve equally in making sure the people are managed in order to remain in power, who turn members in their own communities to snitch on one another, and reports on anyone who complains about the State, or is critical of the Party.  And now, they have an extra reason to pry. COVID19. 

I say this because things can change quickly in the U.S.

The immediate concern is the power grab being made by our elected officials who are doing away with our civil liberties in the U.S. by making it illegal to move about because you might get someone sick.

What’s worse are the people who seemingly endorse the State taking action against citizens under the guise of “being safe” even though millions and millions are suffering because of the lockdown and because the extreme safety measure we agreed to to flatten the curve until we could get a handle on the Covid-19 virus.

Was shelter-in-place a trick? Are we really going to slide into a socialist State for a year and have the government essentially take over and ruin the economy, people’s lives, businesses, industries and the like?

If, because of these incompetent leaders, socialism becomes the motis operandi of the United States after this pandemic, we are lost. Political leaders want more government control, and they are seizing this opportunity in ways I couldn’t even imagine six months ago, and the media , predictably so, is in line with the progressive Left as they pit citizens against each other by using fear of the virus to divide and scare people into submission to what is now a police-state in the freest country on earth!

Ventura County Health Director Dr. Robert Levin declared a force of Contact Trace Investigators be trained right now who would soon be tracking, and retrieving people who have coronavirus and are not self-isolated or quarantined, using trained local citizens who will show up in hazmat suits, and ask you to “come with them for your own safety.”

Is this what we want to see on our news at night? How scared are you of dying that you think the government should do this in order to “save us” from coronavirus? And if it is any indication, I would say people pretty much got used to disrobing every time we went to the airport. Some of us seem a little too eager accept a limited police-state environment if it means we can feel safe.

But we have to push back against a police-State. If we truly invite this kind of social control into the American way of life, where you have citizens extracting citizens with a force of law for having a flu, you will never get those freedoms back. There will always be the next flu, or the next threat you might pose. Maybe one day they will start picking up people for hate crimes, or thought crimes, or hate speech, or being racist, or violating someone’s gender rights. 

This is that fork in the road we have come to in America where we have to decide what kind of country we want to continue be, which direction we want to go in. Do we want complete government control and security to feel safe? Or do we want to hang on to our civil liberties and freedoms because we know once we lose them we are nothing more than batteries to the State, just like they are in China, ruled by an elite few who tell us some people are just more equal than others and that they are there to protect us, only this time we call them Contact Trace Investigators, otherwise known as the CTI.

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