Why Social Tracking Tech Should Scare the Hell Out of You

by James Watkins

Anyone who thinks it is a good idea to have trackers that we must carry on our smartphones, by law, to monitor or track if we are sick with coronavirus needs to have their heads checked.

Think of the implications.

In a perfect world the tracker will be 100% full-proof and intelligent people would be more than willing to pitch in for a good cause. But we know tech is never perfect and what happens when you don’t turn yourself in or check in with authorities? If there is no force to comply behind it, then what’s the point?

Let’s look at how it works in China.

You are required to install the tracker on your smart phone. You are assigned a color depending on how much of a risk you are. If it is detected that you are running a fever, you will be restricted from entering OR exiting places. Your phone will be locked and you will have no access to cash, food, even the freedom of movement because your phone, which you are required to have, no longer operates. It has become your prison. Your data now works against you and you are now restricted.

This also applies to those who make wise cracks on the internet about the government, people who are observed to be breaking laws jaywalking, watching porn or going on social chat rooms and saying bad things about the government.

There isn’t even a need to arrest you. You pose no threat because you have been essentially cut off by the mere ability to lock your phone. Your phone even emits a sound to alert others nearby to avoid you.

As an older adult who remembers life without cell phones, internet and the ATM, I might be able to figure things out, but a young person who has never known a world with being “connected,” these poor souls would shrivel up into the fetal position like a child who has been deprived of his or hers senses. which the State now considers them “non-essential;” you would be like that Borg on Star Trek that suddenly gets disconnected from the collective and is completely isolated to the silent vacuum of himself.

The horror.

You would, like all of the great dystopian movies show us, be locked out of humanity. A frightening thought that actually happens everyday to millions of people in China.

Now, think again about how wonderful it sounds to have a tracking device installed on your phone that alerts authorities as to your status (to protect the greater good, mind you), and can also be used to limit your freedoms and your access. 

If that doesn’t make you think twice, consider that there are congressional leaders being lobbied by tech companies who wish to do exactly that here in the U.S., under the guise of fighting a pandemic.

It should really frighten the hell out of you.

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