Post-COVID19 War Games

By James Watkins

So now China says the U.S. is stoking hatred and is gearing up for conflict.

Wonder which side the U.S. media will take? Will they use this as a way of making Trump look like he is passing the buck of COVID-19 responsibility to the Chinese because he was slow in responding?

Yes. They will.

Will the Chinese openly and honestly admit that it was their dereliction of duty in handling the virus that caused the pandemic?

No, they won’t because shame is too much for the Chinese Communist Party to handle.

To admit they were caught doing experiments with bats, and then flubbing the project by allowing the experiment to escape would show incompetence. They will have convinced themselves (and everyone else) that the virus came from a bat at a wet market, and that this notion of the Wuhan BS-4 Lab doing experiments with bats with SARS just isn’t true (even though we have proof HERE)

The real question is: how far Trump will push back against the Chinese as well as our media for being complicit and choosing the side of the enemy?

Will Americans care that the U.S. media is now in the pocket of the Chinese Communist Party?

This, the U.S. media, will do not because they love socialism and love the idea having a police state to get rid of conservative patriots like myself, but because the parent companies of these outlets (Disney, Universal, Comcast) are BROKE, and if they dare criticize the CCP  by siding with Trump, they will lose the Chinese commercial market, which they simply cannot afford to do.

In the old days they called it selling your soul to devil. Today they call it a cost-benefit analysis.

Our press will sell out the U.S to China to make Trump look bad.

Watch it unfold. It’ already happening.

The U.S. media is already framing the narrative to show that Trump lied to the Americans about Coronavirus, saying we had nothing to worry about with the virus (based on information told to him by China and The WHO, by the way).

This, the media will say over and over again: that Trump is to blame, not the Chinese, and if you disagree, you are a racist and denier. The MSNBC and CNN crowd, echoed by the NBC, CBS and ABC crowd, expanded upon by the New York and Washington Post crowd, prompting investigatory procedures by the political committees of the DNC crowd, will beat the message: Trump is to Blame over and over, and that Trump is shifting blame to the Chinese because won’t take responsibility for the suffering of millions of unemployed Americans.

Meanwhile, the Chinese will deny they misled the U.S and the world (which is exposed here in this Epoch Times article, ) and then, in typical fashion, the CCP will use charges of racism and xenophobia as a way of playing victim, because after all, they were the first to suffer from this natural disaster. 

The world will be divided, especially world leaders.

Those who hate Trump will side with the Chinese, and those who think China did this will be accused of being Trump supporters and are themselves racists and xenophobes – and they just hate the fact that China, a Communist country, is better at fighting the virus better than Trump.

God this is so predictable.

Act II coming soon…

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