Degrees of Separation Between The Left and the CCP

This is why we will lose to China if we do not reverse the philosophical and hence, intellectual stream that is currently trending among the United States elite, those who wield great power and influence.

And you know who you are.

The Left in America and the Chinese Communist Party believe in the following:

1) Hate Speech should be banned and illegal

2) The State (the collective) is more important than the individual, especially if the individual is not a socialist or globalist.

3) The State has the right to control the media from hate groups (hate groups are defined as any group who is against the party or the people)

4) Medicine, education and food should only be provided by the State

5) They believe strongly that “each according to his needs, and each according to his talents.” 

6) Religion is useless and intolerant; Christianity especially, because it is hateful and turns neighbor against neighbor. This is why we ban certain books.

7) All races and all cultures are equal in a globalist world; we must all give up sovereignty to one idea that rules over all to ensure true equality, this is true communism and the Left in America and the CCP both agree to this principle.

In the past few weeks, as Dennis Prager points out in his sobering article , it almost seemed too easy for some Americans to turn against their neighbor and report them to authorities for gathering in parks or at homes. Very quickly some began to hoard and became fearful because their government told them the threat was imminent. Too easy for us to be told one day, shelter in place to flatten the curve to shelter in place, and now, a new dictum to stay in place until there is a vaccine, even if it means our economy and millions upon millions of lives are destroyed in order to prevent other people from dying of COVID19, a virus that.

Ironically, the press won’t talk about it as coming from China because we don’t want to appear as racist. Even during a pandemic the Left will assert its virtuous – but childishly empty ideology of pampering. 

I fear, as I have written about previously, that the American philosophy, itself the evolutionary result of the intellectual contributions from the Greeks, the Jews, the later Europeans, and the cumulative ideals of true liberty and Law will should stand against the tide of authoritarianism. But now, the people insist on being governed; the people are fearful of their own freedom, of the risk that comes from being free frightens the masses.

We want our comforts, we want our toys. We want to be entertained, and if we are told certain things must be done to maintain this status quo, there isn’t much resistance. And that is China’s greatest strength, as well as our greatest weakness.

We can thank our education system for this. The media and what it has become is a direct result of Sixties education, patterned on communistic, humanistic ideas of collectivism. (I can still remember the commercials for Coca-Cola, “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony;” it still rings in my mind just as it did 40 years ago.

The only difference was that we gave it a different name. We called is public education.

The tenets were the same. You work, you become a part of the collective society, you do what you are told because it is good for you, and the government will take care of the poor and the sick so you don’t have to worry.

The only thing that differentiates us from China is that we believe the individual has the right to protest injustice and he has a right to due process.

China is the future if we don’t push back. I’m not saying they caused this pandemic on purpose, but they are the ones who will benefit, especially if our country slips into a kind of totalitarian police-state similar to China because our economy has been utterly destroyed by a virus that came from a country who seeks to dominate the world, a virus that is now being used against us through fear.

The Left only sees that the destruction of the current patriarchy as the means to an end with this pandemic; a destruction of our capitalistic society, in their view, is welcomed.

The same is true for environmentalists who think free-market is the chief culprit behind climate change. But even if you get rid of the current patriarchy, and even if you get rid of dirty capitalism, do you really think a socialist-style country will make things better for Americans? Better for the world?

Once the U.S. is no longer the dominant economic power in the world, and China is – by default, they might no take us over, but they don’t have to. They will asserted their leverage over most of Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. 

They are like the Borg. They absorb, assimilate, control and you end up serving the collective, the Party, the people, or whatever else they call it, but you don’t work for you. They are not troubled by immorality, religious conviction, or ideas of freedom and self-determination. The CCP believes these are fanciful childish illusions that could never be applied in society. People just cannot handle that kind of liberty, they end up becoming drug addicts, addicted to porn, or criminally insane, or worse, religious fanatics.

Can you now see that we are much closer to the end than you thought.

If you had asked me at Thanksgiving how 2020 would be, I would never have imagined….this.

And now we all have to deal with the reality that our country is a lot closer to being like China than previously believed, especially when you have a growing populace of people who actually like their ideas of social control and government justice better than our own.

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