Post Covid 19 – Freedom vs. Safety

Editorial Commentary

We must start from the assumption that man has the inalienable right to freedom. Our society has developed rules to the game, a balance of freedom and safety with the protection of society as a whole as well as the individuals freedoms; a civil society that also allows the State to make laws to protect the State AND the individual. It’s why our kids go to school by law; the State (we the people) has determined it is better for our civil society to have educated people.

We pay taxes because we need civil service like roads, police, etc.

Vaccines are another example, the State (the people), who create these rules to the game and have determined that it is better, or mutually agreed upon, that people should take vaccines so as to prevent getting the mumps, or the measles or smallpox. Rules of the game.

Protective rights are afforded groups to prevent discrimination, this is another example of the State – the collective-  to agree to protect people who might otherwise be victimized or persecuted. This is why we have women’s rights, gay rights, religious rights, civil rights, children’s rights.  these are the accumulated rules to the game that we created and what we call a civil society. But always must the first the assumption be that each human being has a right to certain fundamentals, which include

Free speech

The right to petition

To own or have private property, the right to be left alone

To the free exchange of ideas

To pursue self- determination as long as it doesn’t infringe upon the rights of another.

The right to worship or not worship

Suffrage – the right to be represented and to cast a vote

In this country it is the Bill of Rights and our Constitution that codify these rights into Laws, they don’t private freedom through Law, they merely codify the law to reflect the agreed upon rules of the game by members of our society, hence WE THE PEOPLE.

So now we have en epidemic a true pandemic that has resulted in the State, the collective, the restrict movement based on a health crisis, a new virus that has entered into the human population and has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths. A few weeks ago we started locking down society, we put in shelter in place orders so as to slow the curve  or flatten the curve so that our hospitals wouldn’t get overwhelmed as we say happening in China, Italy and Spain. We learned early that if this virus hits a large population at once massive numbers of cases overwhelm the healthcare system and this creates even more deaths.

We, as a society, saw the charts, saw the projections and saw the numbers steadily rise. Once we realized it was human to human and 20 percent of people were falling ill, and other 2-5% were dying, it was already too late and the only choice was to shut it down, shut down the major cities to essential movement, and we the people, agreed it was a new temporary rule of the game to flatten the curve.

It was never about preventing deaths. It was never about stopping the number of fatalities because until there is a standard and effective vaccine, people will get sick and die from COVID 19 in many cases. However, the shelter in place was never intended to be a long-term panacea to prevent deaths, it was, as a matter of what was agreed upon, to slow the curve in order to prevent our healthcare system from being overwhelmed.

Guess what. It worked. It is working and we have seen no major spike in most of the major cities in the U.S. But equally important, we have seen that our medical system can withstand the blow. New York taught us that even in the worst of circumstance, we can handle it.

Now American must open according to many. Others say we must remain shut until to prevents more deaths. But this was never the plan.

Remember, it was to flatten the curve to prevent too many deaths from happening at once. This has been accomplished. 

The fact that there have been now four studies to show that 

1) Coronavirus has already spread much farther than we previously believed, in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Santa Clara in the Bay Area of Northern California.

2) the fatality rate is considered low, otherwise we would see more deaths occurring across all major areas in the country, which we are not.

Once would argue that the reason the death rate is low is because we have been sheltering in place. But again, this measure was adopted not to prevent deaths, but to slow the spread. If that was the case, we accomplished the lowering of the curve, but shelter in place may have come far too late. The coronavirus has spread to probably 70 – to 80 percent of the country by now.

As a society of free people, it is unlikely that we can adapt to a set of new rules that would essentially destroy our economy and cause more harm than COVID 19. The very fabric of our country starts to fray when people are told they cannot work, they cannot move and to resist means incarceration. The country agreed to help slow the virus spread, but the deal was met an many are feeling its time to embrace the reality that people will die when we go back to work. Just like everyday 150 thousand people die around the world from other diseases and reasons.

Ending on a good note. Less people are dying per day world wide per capita from coronavirus, more people are recovering.

Let’s look briefly at those numbers

Since February 15th 842,000 recovered from COVID 19. That is four times as many who have succumbed, including those who had underlying health issues which represents 93% of the victims, according, to the CDC

So for example: 

USA…118,162 recoveries. 54,265 deaths

Spain…63,120 recoveries 22,902 deaths

Germany…109,800 recoveries, 5,877 deaths

China says 77,384 (probably  higher), 4,600 deaths, again, probably higher.

Iran….70,000 recovered, 5700 dead

Italy…63,120 recovered….26,384..

Closer to home, they don’t show recoveries on the WHO Data charts, nor on the John Hopkins. They also don’t reflect the infection rate, or the community spread. So we are working with data sets that only reflect deaths, and in 93 percent of the cases, there is an underlying condition.

In essence, the curve has flattened, but more importantly, the fatality, while concerning, is much lower than previously believed, again, because China was so deficient in offering factual data early on.

The political football today is about pitting groups against each other by setting off two camps, those who wish to further the U.S. lockdown to prevent deaths, and those who believe doing so woull cripple lives economically, which has its own set is problems that could lead to more violence and crime. 

in some ways freedom is being criminalized. People are being set off against each other by the media between selfish freedom-loving “Trump” supporters (which is hardly true) and those who believe we should kill the host (the economy) in order to save the patient.

But if you put perspective into the  virus, using facts and the honest assessment that the threat is less fatal than believed projected, and quite manageable, as we have seen thus far.

Remember, the shelter-in-place rule was not about prevention of contagion and death, but prevention of overwhelming the medical system that would have caused more death.

And that debt has been paid by every working American.

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