The Game Plan for a US Recovery

Finally, someone other than a University funded by a progressive Bill Gates and/or the government has come up with a plan to get us out of this mess, not that there’s anything wrong with Bill Gates and/or the government, except that wild projections so far by “the experts” have caused us to shutdown the country based on projections made two weeks ago that said 200,000 people were going to die and every major city in the U.S. would look like Italy.

Now we know that is not true, at least based on the current models (that are now better than the previous models).

Sooner or later, we have to open up our country without causing massive deaths from re-infection. And if we leave everything to elected officials who are always driven by their own political career, it may be better to look outside the box.

How about harnessing the great energy of the free-market, driven by one thing -the outcome of success for the greatest number of people?

Sounds like a good first start.

The folks at Morgan Stanley, over the weekend, laid out coherent strategy based on real facts and a logical progression of a steady reopening timeline, based on the likelihood of a therapy being made available by June, and a potential vaccine later in the year.

You see, when you are driven by profits, you don’t have time or money to waste and so below is what a cohesive plan looks like based on FACTS and not worst-case-scenario projections that have made us prisoners of our own homes.

It may not be a perfect plan, but at least it makes sense.

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