Are We at War With China (And We Just Don’t Know it)?

by James R. Watkins

Has it occurred to anyone that we may be in a war with China, or more correctly, the Chinese Communist Party?

This is what happened, and I have reputable source information.

Sometime in the Fall at the Wuhan Bio-Safety Lab 4 a technician or medical worker had been bitten by a bat, one of 600 bats that were being subjected to testing of a SARS- like virus CCP had secured in 2009 from Winnepeg, Canada from a scientist who, oddly enough, died of a heart attack in Nairobi, Kenya on Jan 21, the same day China admitted human-to-human transference of this novel coronavirus that they, the CCP says came from a wet market nearby that sold wildlife, including bats.

Wuhan SEafood and Wifl Animal Market | AFR

Now, this is not confirmed, but apparently it is common practice for bio research labs, to save a few bucks, to dispose of animals when no longer needed. They are supposed to cremate the animals, but it is costly to do so, and if there is a buck to be made, why not sell livestock to a nearby market? This may be how the virus got into the market, but that is not how the virus started.

The tech or medical worker who got bit got a fever and went to a nearby clinic and was diagnosed by a doctor on December 1, and five days later the report came back with an unknown virus similar to SARS. The doctor who treated the patient from the Wuhan Lab got it,  then gave it to his wife, who died later. That same doctor,  was Dr. Li Wenliang, who then posted his report online to his 7 or 8 colleagues, who were all silenced by the CCP to refrain from discussing the new virus. This was in the 2nd week of December as more and more people started coming to hospitals in Wuhan with fever and respiratory problems.

Dr. Li Wenliang after contracting COVID-19 | Courtesy AFR

Wenliang died from COVID 19 and was later touted as a hero, but had been put under house arrest until his death to keep quiet about the virus. The CCP knew then, as early as the 2nd week of December, there was something amiss. Perhaps they didn’t know right away the virus had gotten out of the lab, but they would have known there was such a virus being tested in thier own lab in Wuhan, a mere 1.7 km from the seafood market.

They, the CCP were probably alerted when Dr Wenliang posted his comments online. But the ineptitude came as people in Wuhan were freely allowed to travel for several weeks, carrying the virus first to places like Iran and Italy, where there was robust travel and business dealings, then eventually through Europe to the U.S., and here we are now 60 days later with 20,000 dead in the U.S. and 500,000 infected.

In cannot be underscored that this virus came from Wuhan; the CCP knew for at least 30 days there was human to human transmission. The question becomes did they deliberately delay action as a declaration of war, knowing the virus would spread to the U.S. and cripple our economy?

Or, perhaps because the Chinese economy was about to crumble, thanks to the huge economic power of the US, and the Chinese were seeking retribution being forced to sign a deal on trade they didn’t want to sign (which was signed on Jan 16 in DC with a four member team of delegates from Beijing)?

Who can speculate?

But if this virus was the product of the #CCP, it becomes a question of intent, and if it was inentional, it was and is an act of war.

The world may actually be in World War III and we may not even know it. Some leaders may be aware, just not the masses – yet.

Once this realization starts to percolate among the masses the question we will all ask is “just how big of a threat is China?” and how do we, a group of civilized nations, grapple with the CCP moving forward?

US Coronavirus Infection Map Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020 | Courtesy Johns Hopkins University of Medical Studies

The answer is that the CCP must be destroyed as a ruling party of China, or it must change from within by the good people of China, who deserve far better from their government.

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