Why China (And Progressives) Are Smiling About Bernie Sanders

by James Watkins

The Communist Party of China is a group of about 91 million citizens who are what we might consider the “elite class,” mostly well-educated Chinese citizens who form the bulk of the political, educational, security and entertainment industry in China, a country of 1.4 billion people. It is this powerful collection of upper-crest people who set the rules of the country. It has been this way, in various forms mind you, since 1949 when they, in 1921 first became a Party with little influence, and then later becoming a dominant political party within two decades.

The CCP has ruled China with an iron fist ever since.

It started with someone just like Bernie Sander, screaming about the plight of the underclass, the downtrodden, the worker who suffers at the hands of the exploitive rich who languish in spoils they do not deserve. It’s the stuff that revolutions are made of when you listen to Bernie at his rallies. “Bring down the billionaires! Bring down the banks! Bring down Wall Street!”

Sound familiar?

This is what I think of when I consider that Bernie Sanders could very well be our next president. I think we are one step closer to being a communist country.

Our version of the CCP is what makes up the elites in the gateway progressive coastal cities, the media rich, the actors and performers who lecture us about morality, virtue, tolerance and diversity when they have no intention of ever embracing non-progressives who don’t share their secular ideology of classism.

The American CCP might also be the “protected class” of people from all subsets of society who feel disenfranchised, like minorities, immigrants, people in poverty, women, people of color, people who are LGBTQ and feel stigmatized. It’s the perennial cultural battle between the city dwellers and the farmers in the classic sense, the urban and the rural, the city folk and the country folk, and to a great degree, between the Humanist and the Religionist.

And Bernie is there to bring those urban classes together under one banner: SOCIALISM

Senator Sanders is openly endorsing Socialism. He calls democratic socialism the future of America, and it is identical to Jiang Zemins’ The Three Represents ideology from the early 2000’s.

It’s the people controlled by a massive government of spies (see-something, say something), politically-correct snowflakes who troll looking for bad behavior (like Antifa, or Black Lives Matter), the social justice warriors of social media, minions of “the collective” who seek out climate deniers, sexists, bigots and homophobes in our society to shame them publicly, costing them their livelihoods for the greater goods’ need for retribution; they are the Bernie bros who want anarchy simply because they are too bored to do anything else; the new American CCP are also comprised overly-sensitive former college professors who hate the fact that the sixties ‘Down with America’ revolution failed; media elites who think they are the moral thought police in this new American paradigm. progressive politicians who will lie about anything to stay in power because they want to keep that power in perpetuity (i.e., the CCP) by reminding people that they serve for the greater good, all the while serving themselves to privilege that comes with the great responsibility of managing “for the people.”

Bernie Sanders wants to bring in Leninism because he sincerely believes free-market capitalism leaves too many people behind. He believes the exact opposite of what most modern economic theorists believe, which is that low taxes and low government regulation spur economic development, so that more people can find more opportunity in a free and transparent society built on merit and not class.

Senator Sanders believes high-taxes and social subsidies like cancelling college debt and medicare for all will provide a safety net which will save money and decrease poverty. Essentially, it’s the Obama plan – but more extensive and much more dictatorial.

Bernie believes larger government, guaranteed employment, rent subsidies, easy access to abortion and creating hate-crime laws to protect all minorities from hate-speech is more important than individual freedom and self determination, ideologies that are secondary to group rights and social justice.

Bernie also believes that money will allow us to turn down the earth’s temperature and we all must pay for it in order to receive redemption from the climate Gods.

But what really frightens me the most about Sanders is that he has the audacity to believe he is right and history is wrong. There is no case study to show that any of Bernie’s policies would work. He has never worked in private business, and despite being a Senator for over a decade, has yet to push forward any legislation that amounted to anything substantive. In fact, my first question to Bernie would be, “show me some policy or legislation you have created that shows real enduring success.” How is it that a person who has never owned a business, nor seems to have worked for one, can tell business what is in their best interest? Worse still, how is that his supporters don’t ask themselves that question?

But the momentum is building. 18 to 35 year olds love Bernie, they love his virtue signaling, he gives voice to the voiceless, he represents the lower class (and there are plenty of disenfranchised single people in this country who would love to give the finger to the U.S. Constitution).

The city folk are riled up about Bernie, and while I don’t think if Bernie wins the CCP becomes the new political party in America, I do believe the CCP in China will celebrate a victory of seeing its rival the United States inch itself one step closer to being exactly what China is today: a large country iron-fistedly ruled by a party of secular elites who believe it is they who bestow rights and liberties to the masses and that rights come from government, not God. And they know this because some people are just more equal than others.

It took China just under twenty-years to transition from a free-market democracy to a totalitarian regime; in Germany it took just six years years. In Cuba, and Russia change was almost overnight, and in Venezuela less than five years more or less. Sometimes change comes quickly when the circumstances are aligned. Bernie Sanders may just represent the embryonic state of a future Americanized version of the CCP, the Progressive Party who rules with an iron fist for the greater good.

(in a future article I will to draw some frightening correlations showing how progressives are using Orwellian Newspeak to reduce critical thinking. It will be double-plus-good!)

Is democratic-socialism the future for America? Are the metropolitan neo-Progressives destined to push their ideology into America’s heartland by force? Does Bernie Sanders represent an incremental first step towards that dystopian not-so-distant future of creating an American version of the Chinese Communist Party?

Or perhaps it is better to ask if the current CCP is smiling as they watch us inch one step closer to thier way of life?

I feel like a frog in water starting to sweat.

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