The Age Of Rage

When my brother recently posted on his Facebook page that he doesn’t not want to hear from any friend or family member that supports Trump or any of his policies, I decided the age of rage has gone too far. It is time for a national self-check.

It is possible that, through the help of many in the news rooms of MSNBC and CNN, that that rage is what is driving the news cycle, and this rage translates to anger among otherwise very nice people?

It is understandable to be against a politician, but the display of rage we are witnessing is more of a social study on how the media is propagandizing a position (against Trump) that offers no clear resolution short of removal or violence, or both. And at whose doorsteps do we lay the blame?

To me, it is clear the mainstream media networks are in clear alignment with the Democrats. But the intensity by which they drive news cycles by constantly pounding the drum against this president makes the Obama years look like the Kennedy years. Republicans had many issues with the former president, but no one was calling him a racist, bigot, homophobe and every other name in the book just because they didn’t like him. When re-elected, many of my Republican friends were in deep despair, but they dusted themselves off and got back to work. This president hasn’t gotten a fair break since the day he started, and not whistanding, he has survived every punch, even to the point of building up a real economy and improving the lives of millions upon millions of Americans.

The vitriol is beyond compare. People hate Trump. The have managed to project every hatred they have about anything and foist it upon one person who has become the symbol of that hate. When MSNBC’s Joy Reid allows or supports statements calling Trump a White Supremacist, or supporters as White Supremacists, that is blatantly wrong. When Chuck Todd or others clearly edit or misrepresent Trump statements, as they have for years with regard to Charlottesville’s “Very fine people” comment, it is a lie, a mistruth, a journalist deliberately misleading viewers because of a dislike of a person. When most of the anchors on MSNBC consistently portray the president as suspicious, buffoonish, criminal, sexually predatory, etc, etc, the message gets clear to those who accept it. People are displaying such rage you have to wonder if it is because these networks are pishing hate against a human being every opportunity they get, and they are not shy about it. What are the long-term pyschological effects of hearing a message of hate, and fear, and anger so often. People consume it and they become hateful at anyone disagrees, or doesn’t agree with thier position in hating Trump with the same vitriol. How many times have you heard someone say to you, how can you not hate Trump? How can you support that guy, he’s a criminal?!

For years I would notice that if I was over someone’s house and they were watching MSNBC or CNN, whether it was my father-in-law, my sister, my brother, my wife or my sister-in-law, they would all utter, “that asshole,” right after a segment on Trump.

“That Asshole.”

I used to joke that in the only difference between the press in North Korea and the press in the U.S is that in North Korea the press is forced to support the government’s propaganda,; in the U.S. our press promotes propaganda willingly.

Where is this rage going to go?

I will tell you where. It affects people’s relationships with their family, friends and co-workers. It makes people stop talking to each other for fear of offending or causing emotional harm to someone who is your friend. We know from statistics from the CDC people are taking more anti-anxiety medication and seeing their therapists more frequently because of their anger over Trump.

Is this really necessary?

Does Trump, a human being, really pose that much of a threat to humanity? Are all of those political leaders like Schumer, Sanders and Schiff really threatened by a person who, all things considered, has managed to accomplish an amazing amount of work in his first term – despite the constant haranguing?

Are people really that concerned Trump is the next Hitler? Show me the death camps. Show me the the tattoos on my arms the government is making me wear next to the Star of David on my sleeve. Show me how Trump is invading other countries and forcing large numbers of ethnics and homosexuals into forced labor camps. Show me how Trump is curtailing freedom of the press when the Press is the number one agitator in the age of rage. Show me how Trump is dragging dissenters off to the gulags.

Trump is Orwell’s Emmanuel Goldstein from 1984, and two-minutes hate is a continuous event on cable news.

The people who are enraged, progressives who clearly hate this president, are behaving in a way I have never seen. And it’s troubling for me, not because I don’t respect their views, but because I am witnessing a collective group-think rage stoked by the machinations of a very effective media machine.

Think about it. Most of the major news networks are networked in to the halls of Congress. It is not hard, as we have seen, how a leak from a political party can end up being dropped to the New York Times at exactly the precise moment a major decision is being made in court, or as in the case of Trump, when Boltons’ manuscript was leaked the day before the Presidents’ legal team were to make their opening statements in the Senate Impeachment trial. The timing was perfect. This same kind of leaked to the press is what caused the whole Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

There is not question the press and the Democratic Party are in concert with one another politically – and it should terrify every American to know news media integrity is in complete ruins. The press is supposed to be neutral, not biased, and certainly not in lock-step in its collective opposition to a single human being who had the audacity to run for president – and win!

From the New York Times to CNN, to MSNBC, which is then carried to the subsidiary networks, namely ABC, NBC and CBS, and then filtered down to the national morning shows like Today, GMA and CBS This Morning who become the echo chambers of the local affiliate news divisions who take their lead from networks put the final nails in the coffen of truth-journalism. Even Inside Edition is in on the act.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

In the end, people become affected by perception. Perception is reality. The media knows this and this is why the message of hate is being pushed. Hate, like love, is infectious and it drives ratings perhaps even more so that love, unity or progress. If it bleeds it leads.

Fortunately, most Americans see through the charade of what has happened in the news media in its attempt to overthrow Trump and conservative principles like faith, family and personal responsibility, how the news industry has become tainted with bias and agenda-driven activism. Even those who are progressive can see the imbalance that is our modern press.

But for those who don’t, and who feed into the vitriol of these misleading networks, beware. Someday you will see what you have become, the very thing you feared the most: a hateful human being.

James Watkins is a 30 years news media and national program consultant.

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