The Very Real Existential Threat

Commentary by Jim Watkins

You have probably heard about the Communist threat?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reminding us that it is the greatest threat facing America. But does the average citizen really know what that means? Do we think it means China wants to land on our shores and take over our cities? Do we think the threat means China wants to bomb us?

No. It is none of these obvious, perhaps even archaic and more traditional threats. It is much more subtle, and in fact is on multiple fronts. The least of which is the economic threat. Never doubt the Chinese would like to have an upper hand on the American economy,but because it is a closed system, it will never achieve our level of success. Like it or not, Free market capitalism has, as its greatest advantage, transparency; it is a meritocracy-based economic (most of the time) with fundamentals that means everyone agrees to play by the rules. In China, a communist dictatorship, the only transparency is what the government wants people to believe and what they choose to reveal. Rarely does the CCP reveal failure – and this is their greatest weakness. It’s why in about a month we will be dealing with a pandemic that makes its ways to our shores.

But let’s take a look at the two other grave threats China poses to the West.

1. The Communist philosophy. Remember, a godless government means government can dictate rights.  The doctrine is being taught to our children in college. It is the idea that the collective is more important than the individual, the State or Party i.e., Big Government, can solve all major problems like health care, racial inequality, even to a certain degree, attempt to “fix” gender-inequality, but the cost is high. the State controls everything. This is China, this is North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, places where the government, those in power, make the rules and oppress all who oppose. Religious freedom in many of the countries is a death sentence, the right to assembly, the right to protest, the right to own property do not exist. And yet 35% of our youth say socialism, which is the basis and foundation by which communism is based, is a good idea; that paternal government, is a better approach to governing. This is an existential threat to the idea of a democratic republic where individual rights are endowed upon us by our Creator, and that government serves people, not the other way around. It was a novel idea, but it took hold, and thus becomes the great character of our country. We lose this attribute, we become just like every other country.

It would be wrong to suggest that China trying to subvert people into adopting communism in the United States, but it would be correct to say that any disruption, including social conflicts, that could weaken the political system in the U.S. would be advantageous to the Communist Party of China. One primary reason for destabilizing the U.S. is that it makes us more vulnerable to spying, and in most cases, stealing of American technology to use against us in military application. There are millions of people who wake up everyday and go to work in China as cybercriminals but of foreign nations with ours at the top of the lest since we are Chinas greatest existential opponent, these netizen armies work for the Ministry of Truth. Their job, to find weakness, to collect data on Americans, to gather information on people in positions of power in American business, politics, and entertainment. If you are not concerned with this, then you underscore the intentions of the Chinese to your own demise.

The second great threat China poses is the exporting citizen-tracking technology to other world government leaders who, like the CCP, could care less about human rights and are excited about the idea of using technology to oppress dissenters and control millions of people through social credit scores and monitoring.

You might not care about this, you might even think it is not dissimilar to the way the U.S. has several credit agencies credit agency that monitor our financial activity. so whats the big deal? Except that I would remind you that the Government, at least not yet, is not using this technology to cut you off as a way to pressure you into complicity. This is the ugly face of Totalitarianism.

You right a post or send a Tweet that uses a key word

And i you think this is all some dystopian scare tactic,YouTube Social Credit Score in China and see what comes up. It will frighten you, and you will come to understand that when Mike Pompeo says China is a bigger threat than people imagine, you better believe it.

The purpose of Speaking Out if awareness. I will bring you awareness. If you believe Freedom, religious freedom, social and economic freedom and limited government is good and worth preserving, then let’s work together. 

I will bring you updates, and you share these updates withouthers. We simply cannot live in the shadows. It is time to pick sides, and its not about Trump verses No Trump. Its much bigger than that. The real threat is the attempt for other world leaders and governments to marginalize the U.S., marginalize freedom of speech, marginalize freedom of religions express.

Go to my website. Check out my articles, comment, contact me, and let’s work together. The website is

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