What Trumps reveals about all of us

by James R. Watkins

I can’t say I like President Trump or not. I have never met him. I think if I was sitting down having dinner with him, he would do most of the talking and I would probably enjoy the conversation. People brag. Trump is a bragger.

When Trump first ran for president I held (I was doing a morning talk show at the time in Tampa, Florida), that based on resume and experience alone – and especially that he was NOT a politician, this gave Trump the edge over most of the other candidates. Trump supporters felt empowered.

I also said that this presidency for Trump is no different from his TV show The Apprentice. If you go back and watch the way Trump structured the people, the goal or objective, and the outcomes – exactly the way he runs the White House. Every challenge he faces is like he did on that show: How do we solve objective What are the choices? who is the best person for the job? It’s how he strategizes.

Someone once told me there is a fine line between confidence and arrrogance. Confidents attracts, arrogance repels. That is Trumps greatest issue. You either like and/or understand his style, or you don’t.

So now we come to outcomes.

The nice thing about Trump is that, despite the anger people have for him, America is doing extremely well right now economically and the world is benefitting from it.

Minus the noise from the media. Trump is achieving objectives. I watch the stocks every day, I stay close to business trends and also what is happening in other global economies. People should know what China is up to, and why Brexit matters. They would see that Trumps’ actions are working positively in ways that actually are improving lives and restoring confidence.

In 2008 the opposite was true.

Florida was ground zero and what started there was the real estate bubble pop that was heard around the world.

We all know what happened and it wasn’t pretty. People lost their homes, there were record bankruptcy rates, small businesses were barely scraping by or were closing altogether. Unemployment was hovering around 10%. Also erupting just under the surface was the Opioid epidemic about to explode.

Today, we have an enormous homelessness issue in every major city, drug and alcohol abuse is taking its toll as a $55-billion dollar a year medical expense for Medicare, and our leaders, instead of really focusing on helping people, are instead, busy trying to tear down a presidency, or prevent the second term of one, simply because they hate Donald Trump.

We all know the media and the internet magnifies this hatred ten-fold. I see people I know and love who are so full of rage they don’t even talk to me anymore. I know I have certainly curtailed my own words, not because I am ashamed of them, but because it is not worth the arguing.

The media, and the democrats have done a tremendously good job at fomenting the already obnoxious behavior of Trump. It’s all they obsess about, totally ignoring so much of what else is interesting and important going on in society. There is no real news, it’s all advocacy and polling.

Watching the media support the democrats non-stop attack on the president (some of it well deserved) is like the Jodie Foster movie The Accused where you have the guy in the back urging everyone to “get in on the action,” as the victim lays there getting assaulted while everyone cheers on the assailants. The hatred has become unbearable to watch.

One worry is what happens once Trump is gone.

What happens next is the democrats (including the new Leftist party) will never give up power again.

The new Democratic party will rule with an iron fist so that people like Trump never run again. It will be the first PTSD Congress and White House, and for all of those who supported Trump, you will pay. Dearly.

New laws will pass restricting our freedoms of speech, the right to defend ourselves and the right to practice our faith openly.

Our thoughts and our social media will be scrutinized. We will be marginilized. Resistance is futile!

Our money will be taken from us because the new Leftist globalist party will double, even triple our financial commitment in our renewed efforts to fight climate change, and we will pay for our sin in allowing Trump to take the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord, to the tune of hundres of millions of dollars a year- forever!

Then, the new leaders will ruin our economy to pay for increased social services, universal health care, immigration costs, etc. taxes will rise, small business will once again retreat, and we will be told this is the new normal, that America was never that great to begin with, and that white patriarchy is a racist stigma that must be eradicated, to the cheers of the New Progressives!

So the rest will be revealed as you will see, because what is happening now in California is waiting for the rest of us if we allowed Trump to be defeated.

And the darkest side of human nature is yet to be revealed.

The hatred of Trump has revealed the real moral character of the progressive Left, the corrupted media, and compromised leadership not only in Congress and in our intelligence agencies, but also in the judicary as well with activist judges. They will do and say anything to seize power.

I believe the devil loves Trump, he brings out the worst in people, and they don’t even know it.

But I do, and so do you.

The only question is: which side are you on?

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