What’s Driving Adam Schiff?

by James R. Watkins

When trying to understand the perseverance of Adam Schiff going after Trump, we must take into account who he serves.

Part of Schiff’s district is West Hollywood and Hollywood. He serves at the pleasure of the mega-elite movie industry producers, directors, stars, all of whom have globs of money and hate Trump with religious fervor, which comes in especially handy when you are running for re-election every two years and want to continue running un-opposed. 

Schiff represents the far-Left, the Rob Reiners, the Michael Moores, the Hollywood moguls who hate Trump with drool dripping from their teeth and yet, have also profited enormously from him.

But there is also a darker side to Schiff I am afraid I must reveal. 

Many years ago I chanced to meet a young gay man who was a very close friend of my brother, who is also gay. During the 80’s and 90’s gay in Hollywood was all of the rage. The rules on gay lifestyle were only being barely written and so there was an openness to it. It’s why young gay men flocked to Hollywood, to be used and abused by the Hollywood elite who host young men parties for people like, well, you know, Adam Schiff. People who wield great power and can make or break careers; the Bryan Singers’ of the world, the Ed Bucks (who was recently charged with two felony counts of murder for drugging two young black men in his home and refusing to call emergency when one of his victims overdosed on illicit drugs).

My brothers friend, and his name was Brad (Brad committed suicide in Seattle in 2009), mentioned that Schiff was a regular at these discreet young men’s parties hosted by the many producers who are behind some of the biggest movies in history.  It was common to see certain people and Schiff, according to Brad, liked to have a driver take him to cruise along Sunset late at night for young gay men to hire for sex.

So not only does the money that backs Schiff belong to these Hollywood moguls, but their secrets are also in the possession of these self-serving zillionaires who delight at having their own personal congressmen to manipulate like a marionette doll. 

You can see the fear in his eyes, it’s not anger. It’s desperation. Many Hollywood insiders tell me that Schiff knows if he doesn’t deliver the goods on bringing Trump down, he can kiss his district goodbye in 2022, and if Trump does manage to survive the constant onslaught of democratic fury, it will be Schiff’s credibility on the line both in Washington and at home, depending on Trumps’ re-election outcome.

Forget not that Schiff was LA’s chief prosecutor long before we knew him as Congressmen, and it was during the 80’s and 90’s that LA became the hub for cocaine, pornography and a booming movie industry where hookers and #metoo chicanery was an accepted part of the culture, not to be despised or judged. And Schiff was right there in the middle of all of it.

Schiff may not know where all of the bodies are buried, but he knows who buried most of them. And they have his number as well. No one is innocent in LA, including Schiff.

If there is someone who deserves to be investigated, it should be him.

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