Prayer Is Now Considered Hate Speech


by James R. Watkins, editor

If you tell someone, “I’ll pray for you,” or “I will send a prayer your way,” this is now considered by many, not just some, but many, to be a form of hate-speech, a micro aggression, an infliction meant to cause someone emotional harm.

CNN reported recently that Linda Thunström, an economist at the University of Wyoming who co-authored the study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, that sending someone prayers is considered “controversial,” adding that in some instances, atheists and agnostics would even be willing to pay you not to pray, believing that such acts can actually do more harm than good.

I’m quoting her from the Breitbart report: The study, based on interaction with some 400 residents in North Carolina following Hurricane Florence’s destruction in 2018, said that atheists and agnostics are “prayer averse” — willing to pay to avoid receiving prayers — and are especially against receiving thoughts and prayers “from Christians.” end quote.

The report goes on to say, and from CNN, “Along with the emotional aversion that atheists and agnostics may experience to prayers said for the, critics also argue “that these gestures are meaningless and can reduce material help or structural reforms aimed at mitigating natural and social disasters,” the study said.

Some have included the phrase “I’ll pray for you” in lists of micro-aggressions, suggesting that this expression can “communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative slights and insults toward people.”

The report concludes with this anecdote. “One atheist said that being told “I’ll pray for you” with the claim it was a compliment “invokes the same feeling as equating sexually lewd comments with compliments.”You are saying what I said. This is fake news right?

I mean, do you think it is possible that people, even hard atheists, would actually be offended by someone tell you they will pray?

Is CNN just trying to push an agenda to promote secularism? or maybe the people who are offended are the younger Nones, who have practically no religious upbringing, but even then, is the offense that you feel your non-belief is being trampled upon? or is it because the very notion of prayer, that there actually might be a God who can crush you like the little spoiled brat that you are, that there might be a divine being who could end your existence with a mere thought, but, for the sake of the love that he possesses, would rather let you toil in your pain over something as nice as a prayer.

I mean, if you live in that world where words like God, and Jesus actually cause anxiety, what does that say about you?

What kind of human being would be anxious about the notion of faith, or the idea that there is something larger than you  that exists? and that your puny non-life, as important as it is to you, is really meaningless, and the truth is God reminds you of that very truth.

So if instead of facing that fact, you hide yourself from having superior thoughts and ideas, and instead settle for being a snowflake, stuck in your own make-believe world where life is an accident – and so are you.

I am so sick of people attacking or marginalizing faith.

CNN is doing this by reporting this fake, fraudulent non-story and passing it off as some kind of cultural trend that we all need to embrace just because there are weak minded individuals who are making a stink, lost souls really, who can’t take the idea that they have to take responsibility for the fact that thoughts and actions do have consequences, and it is they must take accountability for what they are and what they do in this life – and the next, and that this life isn’t just a free ride for all, free to act like little children and  play by whatever rules want to play by because, well, thats what you think!!!

Listen, the faithful and the reasonable among us must push back on this kind of nonsense.

Mainstream media and secularist in general have no desire to help people of faith or to ensure faith-principles remain a part of our society. Let that be known.  If allowed to metastasize, these anti-religious, anti-Christ loving vice-masters will spread their nihilistic doctrine to the world. They have already infected our schools and our media.

I would argue there is a good cause to be found promoting spiritual virtue and moral insights that in the end, make us all a better people and better citizens.

If we don’t who will? When faith become hate-speech we are all one step away from being locked up because of our faith, and it wouldn’t be the first time in history this has happened.

James Watkins is an author and the host of the podcast Speaking Out.


  1. “I will pray for you”= ‘I will go through a pointless and useless ritual because I can’t think of anything helpful to do’.
    It’s little better than a shrug.


  2. I wonder why we tell people we will pray for them when we should just pray without telling them? Do we think we get some kind of kudos? Are we looking for the appreciation for ourselves? Do we consider whether the other wants to know we are praying for them or even wants us to?

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