Truth Is Killing The Left

Commentary | James R. Watkins, Editor at Large

Most Americans are not racist. Most Americans know this fact and they also recognize the following truths:

1) Slavery was and is bad

2) Blacks paid a heavy price

3) There are still racists but thankfully, most people are NOT racists because they know racism is wrong. It goes against God and against human decency.

What the press and the Democratic party have done is to consolidate all of their hatred towards Donald Trump, to a degree never seen before in this country, and are now attempting to project that concentrated hatred of Trump outward to include all who support him. In other words, the Trump-haters think they can convince people that if you vote for Trump you, too, are a racist, coupled with another goal, which is to convince Democrats that if they know someone who supports Trump, it is their moral duty to label such supporters as ‘white nationalists,’ which is now equated with ‘white supremacy.’

But none of this will work because most people can see through the charade.  Human beings have a great ability to discern truth as well as deception. Which is why once the Democrats and the endless parade of Trump-haters in establishment media realize they have become the very intolerant person they despise, once movies like The Hunt expose their dark intentions, there will be a huge awakening as more of us come to recognize Leftisms’ ugly face, exposed for all the world to see.

Everyone with a brain and a sense of truth understands that Trump didn’t cause the recent mass shootings. Most are well aware Trump has done more for minorities in two years than the Democrats have done for them in twenty. Everyone knows that when Trump called out Elijah Cummings he did so because no one else had the courage to ask Elijah why Baltimore is in such ruins when the President’s administration has given $18-billion to the city of Baltimore in 2018.

Where did the money go? And you know what happened when Trump started asking??

People became woke to what the president was saying, Elijah’s media buddies and fellow Democrats had to deflect with charges of racism towards the President. Cummings was being held accountable, but because he is an African-American, he assumed he could hide behind charges of racism rather than be called upon to explain his poor leadership for his constituents.

But then the script was changed. A new drama emerged. People could see what the media was trying to do, what the Left does. Deflect. By the third day, the cameras shifted away from the Trump-Cummings skirmish (‘thank God,’ said the Dems) to mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton. And not skipping a beat, the blame for these shootings were laid upon Trump’s feat, yet again. It was his fault for stoking flames of racial hatred, a charge he has carried since they day he came down that escalator in Trump Towers tellings us Mexico sends us their worst.

Watching the presidential candidates exploit the shootings for political gain was quite embarrassing. It was as plain as rice is white, and I am sure I am not alone in my assessment.

People died, and yet…

Beto, Kamala, Pete, all of them, prostrating themselves before the altar of political exploitation, to charge such heinous events as being the result of Trumps’ racist rhetoric, the same rhetoric now coming out of their mouths? Exposing their empty souls and their hypocrisy, as if we were so stupid to believe these people could ever lead the world’s greatest nation with such vacuous character traits on display, using dead bodies to destroy their political opponent in the name of feigned compassion.

Shame on all of them.

People continue to die every week in cities like Chicago and Baltimore, and yet this weekend, “America grieved.”

Why aren’t we grieving every weekend when innocents are shot? Because the media can’t blame Trump for those deaths, that’s why. The lack of lawlessness in the streets is brought on by gangs (Trump is trying to fight) and poor democratic leadership in many of these inner cities.

Meanwhile, the media picks and choose which murders to cover, based on the ties it might have to the Orange Bad Man.

And we all see it.

2020 is going to be a landslide if Trump can maintain the economy (which I believe he will), but it won’t be because we all love Trumps’ not-so-wonderful demeanor, brash as it is. It will be because Trump has done what he promised. The country is doing better because he was spot on with limiting regulation, cleaning up the “swamp” by reducing waste, and having the tenacity to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on feel-good programs that benefit only lobbyists and elites.

Trump will win because Americans are cognizant of the fact that for the first time in a long time, we have someone who holds government accountable.Trump will also have won because the country has grown sick and tired of the flagrant establishment media that has sold their souls – and their minds – to a failed ideology that seeks to make everyone a victim.

Trump’s reelection will be a vindication, a referendum against Leftism, even a condemnation of the Left’s attempt to take over this great country and turn it into a surveillance-state of political correctness.

For every lie they spew about the America they hate, Americans remember.

You can already see the pushback. Cable news is down (by as much as 60%); the Mueller investigation was a sham, and there was no accountability by the Press or by leadership in Congress when President Trump was not charged for conspiracy to collude with Russia. Instead, they kept the impeachment movement going because, well, they don’t like the guy.

Americans are a forgiving people, but you have to ask for redemption, or lose your reputation and credibility. The media has lost its reputation, it has squandered its credibility as an important part of the American system of politics, it has become a joke, trivial, untrustworthy and jaded by ideology an of hate. Ironic since the Left complains most loudly about hate even while they foist all of it upon one man who was duly elected as president.

Meanwhile, the economy roars on. Consumer confidence reigns, people’s wages are rising. Americans are proud.

Most of us anyway.

Even the sham of climate change is starting to be exposed.

The Left is losing its grip on trying to globalize our country through fear-based, socialist climate-change policies that undermine a free and open society. Some people are starting to realize that Climate Change is normal, natural and having nothing to do with human beings (except for our trash, of course).

Now referred to in media as a Climate Crisis, the fraudsters are embarrassed by new data revealing startling new information which proves carbon dioxide is not causing global warming. Just this week, as if to rebut the new findings by NOAA scientist Max Fleming and others, members of the IPCC tried again to claim that “excessive carbon dioxide will create deserts,” if we don’t curb our usage of fossil fuels.

Carbon dioxide, we all know from 5th grade biology, feeds plants, not starves them. We also now know, according to NOAA, that man only produces 3% of all carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere. This suggests that even if we stopped producing carbon dioxide altogether, the earth would only have 3% less carbon dioxide in its atmosphere, a literal drop in the bucket, showing that this has been about fear all along.

We can all now see what is going on with the now incestuous relationship between the extreme political Left and the Establishment Media. We see the emperor has no clothes. We see that traditional family values are under attack by the Left, who now trying to convince us that there is no such thing as gender, that income inequality is because of patriarchal capitalism, that caucasians are inherently racist and oppressive as well as the source of all of the worlds social ills. But we aren’t buying it.

We see the Left’s agenda and its attempt to undermine the principles of this country by attempt to marginalize people of faith, by using media to portray people who are proud of the United States as bigots; that things like liberty, freedom, the right to self-determination are merely patriarchal ideas that oppress people of color, when nothing could be further than the truth!

Only now Black Americans, Asian and even Mexican Americans are realizing that the Left wants to take every dream they ever had away, replacing it instead with an ideology that declares the State can pick and choose losers and winners, that the rich need to pay up; that we are all equally victims, and we need to be protected by authoritarian policies based on output and social worth to the State – not to the individual who simply wants to be left alone.

I could go on because I am moved, not by my hatred of the Left, but by my belief in the human spirit and its ability to see through the lies of the Left, whose days are numbered because truth reigns supreme.

We can thank our creator for giving us the ability to see truth.

It will be fun to watch the Left drown in their hatred come November of 2020.

James R Watkins is a former national talk show host, and producer for Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham and others, is currently a national media consultant.

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