Shhh. Tulsi Gabbard May Be The Winning Ticket The DNC Doesn’t Want You To Know About

By James R. Watkins, Contributing Editor

The DNC (and the establishment media) seems to favor three specific candidates as their choice to go up against President Trump next year, namely, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Kamala Harris.

Strange that these three choices are just shades of the same extremism, degrees really, starting with the really radical Sanders, followed by the somewhat radical Elizabeth Warren, and the still slightly less radical, but enough of a socialist to get the nod.

Kamala Harris might not be the picture perfect socialist, but she has a record of being all about socialist giveaway programs (she is from California, so duh), and especially is she willing to sell her soul for a few votes, which the DNC loves.

Don’t tell the DNC, but it appears from the last two debates that Representative Tulsi Gabbard is pulling ahead and she may be the best keep secret for the DNC, so secret that they don’t even know about it.

Let me count the ways

On Drudge and Breitbart she pulled as the top finisher in both online polls among of over 50,000 online voters. Isn’t it interesting that Gabbard is viewed as highly-favorable by both Republicans and Independents, which tells me that Democrats who aren’t WOKE and radicalized probably do like her as well.

Representative Gabbard is articulate in her points. Her policies from the beginning were well defined. In the first debate she immediately brought up foreign affairs and had a policy strategy that was clearly defined, no one else even came close. Her views on handling illegal immigration weren’t pandering, but sounded somewhat reasonable (and she did not attack Trump, as did the others).

She is good on the eyes. More on that in a moment.

She is female (duh), which the DNC has been clamouring for, even willing to take HIllary in 2016 just to achieve the first-female-president milestone.

She is a veteran, which exudes a kind of true-grit patriotism even Democrats love.

She comes from a fairly Democratic State (Hawaii).

She is a moderate (which makes up the majority of the Democratic party, in case anyone forgot).

She made mincemeat out of Kamala Harris, which means she is a sagacious fighter.

She is probably somebody Joe Biden would love to hug over and over, not that it matters, but she would probably get the male vote anyway.

I’m not even a Democrat and I found Gabbard to be proficient on domestic affairs, tough but practical on foreign affairs, perfectly patriotic and not in the least bit condescending.

In other words, were it not for the fact the that Left wants to elect a true Leftist president, Gabbard, in theory, should be the ideal Democratic candidate. She checks off all of the boxes and could probably steal a number of never-Trumper White female conservatives.

And speaking of Trump, it is interesting to note that on the morning after the 2nd debate, President Trump named off everyone he thought was weak in the debates – but failed to mention Gabbard (I can just see Trump watching the debates in the oval office with his feet up on the table as he almost falls out of his leather seat reaching furiously for the intercom asking his assistant to “pull me some date on Tulsi Gabbard, NOW please…”)

Before you start ganging up on me for being whatever that phrase is that I can’t ever spell, remember that charm and good lucks go along way in politics. If you don’t believe me, just ask Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton and Obama if they think charm and good lucks gives one privilege in a society that worships pretty faces (OK, so Reagan wasn’t that cute, but boy, did he have charm).

Representative Gabbard, with all do respect, is exactly what the DNC needs: A female-minority-veteran-moderate democratic political figure who exudes confidence that our country is worthy of all of the patriotism you can throw at it, but also seems authentically concerned with the lesser-privileged in our society, the ones who are truly without a voice and don’t need lip-service. And I also don’t get the sense she will be going on a apology tour anytime soon if she is elected president.

Does Gabbard have all of the executive qualifications? Who knows, but at least she “feels” like she hasn’t been corrupted – yet – by the swamp, but then again, it could just be that I am being distracted by her charmingly good looks AND brains.

She will be interesting to watch. What I fear is most predictable is that the folks over at Establishment Media will marginalize her as long as possible so that Sanders-Warren-Harris can stay in the spotlight, which is fine because neither of those candidates have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting enough democratic votes to beat Trump in November 2020.

Good Luck Tulsi. Your fight with the Establishment Media-sponsored DNC might just be your biggest battle. You will need it.

James Watkins is a media consultant and former national talk show hos follow Jim on Twitter @candidlyspeaking62

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