Dead Christians and a Silent Media

It should alarm you that over 245 million Christians were targeted for persecution last year around the world. 80 percent of all religious persecutions were against Christians, according to a recent study commissioned by the British Government and conducted by the Catholic Church. The Foreign Commonwealth Affairs (FCO) report was established by the Rt Hon Jeremy … Continue reading Dead Christians and a Silent Media

The Danger of Judging Yesterday with Today’s Moral Yardstick.

Slavery is a good example of how people today judge what happened a century ago by today's moral standards, and why it is wrong to do so. First off all, none of us were alive so we don't know exactly how people felt, how they were treated and with the exception of writings we can … Continue reading The Danger of Judging Yesterday with Today’s Moral Yardstick.

What Our Next President Should Look Like

Commentary: by James R. Watkins What I would like to see in our next president, whoever wins, is a president who will continue the Trump policies that are working, like de-regulation, robust energy policies that produce low prices as well as innovations in R&D towards environmentally beneficial energy, low taxes for business and personal, and … Continue reading What Our Next President Should Look Like

Goodnight America

I have asked myself how is it China is ruled by one political party? How is it that China also controls the media? How is that 1 billion people seem to live under this illusion that the Party, or the State, has their best intentions in mind when they govern? You have to seriously ask … Continue reading Goodnight America

How To End Predatory Behavior

Commentary by Jeff Richards, columnist-at-large August 14, 2019 Is there a biological reason older men like younger women? Yes. And you are not going to like the answer. It has to do with species survival and being hard-wired to seek out those who stand the greatest chance of success in propagating the species. As a … Continue reading How To End Predatory Behavior

Why Hong Kong Should Matter to Americans

Commentary by JR Watkins, Contributor August 9, 2019 Our Western media really knows how to kill a story, or in the least, make the story uninteresting because the media itself doesn't really understand it. And by media I mean Western Journalists who are more preoccupied with Trump than they are with the ruthless mega-monster known … Continue reading Why Hong Kong Should Matter to Americans

Truth Is Killing The Left

Commentary | James R. Watkins, Editor at Large Most Americans are not racist. Most Americans know this fact and they also recognize the following truths: 1) Slavery was and is bad 2) Blacks paid a heavy price 3) There are still racists but thankfully, most people are NOT racists because they know racism is wrong. It … Continue reading Truth Is Killing The Left

It is Time for Change in China

Commentary by James R. Watkins, Editor Why does China behave so badly on the world stage? Obviously China still thinks it can do what it wants and no one will find out about it. The Communist regime seems to think we don't know they are taking people to re-education camps and torturing them. I guess … Continue reading It is Time for Change in China

Is Tech Ruining Humanity?

by Jeffrey Richards, Tech Editor Is Tech ruining our lives? The radio industry is what I have dedicated by life to for decades, and it serves as a good illustration of just one of the ways technology has impacted what was once a bustling and vibrant industry. I remember when automation developer Paul Schafer came … Continue reading Is Tech Ruining Humanity?